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The Island of Ischia: Why You Should Visit This Volcanic Haven

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The incredible island of Ischia sits peacefully in the Gulf of Naples. This volcanic paradise holds a whole host of hidden treasures, making it a true haven for happy holidaymakers.

What is it that makes this destination special? There are many reasons why you should venture to this unique area in Italy, so we’ve rounded up a few of the highlights for you.

The Beaches Are Sublime

Beaches are a big part of any island escape, and the serene shores of Ischia certainly don’t disappoint. They are perfect for relaxing under the sun, boasting long stretches of glorious golden sands and idyllic shallow seas.

Thanks to Ischia’s volcanic location, a number of them have natural hot springs to bathe in, letting you enjoy a beach day with a difference.

There is Plenty to Keep Active Travellers Busy

If you’re the kind of traveller who loves to get out and about, you’ll feel right at home in Ischia. You’ll never be short of things to keep you occupied, as there’s an abundance of exciting activities to try.

Trek to the summit of Mount Epomeo (Ischia’s highest peak). Then, descend below the surface to swim with the fishes on a scuba diving tour. Afterwards, soar above the trees on an exhilarating zip wire to get the adrenaline kick of a lifetime. All of this and more can be done within one wonderful retreat.

It’s Packed Full of Culture

No holiday is complete until you’ve spent some time learning about the local culture, and Ischia has heaps of history for you to discover. One of the most extraordinary sites found here is Castello Aragonese: a spectacular old castle set on an islet just off the coast.

If you prefer to marvel at museums, head to Casa Museo, which is built into a mountain’s rock face! Inside, you’ll uncover numerous stone carvings and impressive sculptures to observe. The Museo Archeologico di Pithecusae is well worth a visit, too.

The Cuisine is as Varied as it is Delicious

Italy is famous for its fabulous food, and you’ll find an array of eateries in Ischia offering a tasty spin on some of the country’s classic dishes.

By the coast, pasta is often paired with freshly caught seafood, while the restaurants in the mountainous regions are known for their hearty stews. Wherever you decide to dine, you’ll have a magnificent menu to choose from.

It’s Great for Those on a Budget

Something that makes this spot particularly tempting is how affordable it is to visit. It’s relatively unknown compared to Italy’s more popular destinations, so getaways here provide excellent value for money.

Better yet, many of the restaurants are modestly priced and high-quality hotels are easy to come by, with rooms being available at surprisingly low rates. In fact, we have a few competitively-priced holidays to Ischia ourselves.

If this sounds like your kind of location, browse our wide range of packages and secure your dream escape, today

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