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Guide to restrictions on Summer holidays for British people

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Below we set out which European countries British tourists can or cannot currently holiday this summer. Originally published 16 June 2020


Many European countries relaxed restrictions and opened borders yesterday but the UK’s quarantine rules and high infection rate make planning a holiday to Europe tricky to say the least.


The European Commission have set up a website,  Reopen EU, to help travellers navigate the various rules and regulations, however the UK government declined to take part based on the fact that we are leaving the EU.


UK and Sweden have the highest number of restrictions placed on tourists from those countries due to the high infection rates but there are still some options available to UK tourists seeking a Summer holiday.


Where we can go (technically)


Belgium: No restrictions or quarantine requirements as of 15 June 2020 for UK citizens


Germany:  No restrictions or quarantine requirements as of 15 June 2020 for UK citizens, however do check the particular state rules.


 ItalyOpen for UK tourists, no quarantine requirement when in Italy


Portugal Air travel resumed on 15 June and there is no requirement to quarantine when in Portugal


Sweden:  No restrictions on UK tourists or requirement to quarantine.


Switzerland: No restrictions on UK tourists or requirement to quarantine.



Countries with restrictions on UK tourists:


France:  The French are a bit peeved at the UK government 14 day Quarantine rule – so they’ve imposed the same on UK tourists.


Spain: At the moment it seems that no restrictions will apply to UK tourists arriving after 21 June but this could change


Cyprus: UK tourists are currently excluded from entering Cyprus – so looks like winter holidays only for now.


Greece:  UK tourists are subject to a mandatory Corona test and quarantine 


Malta:  Closed for UK tourists but open for most other European countries


Netherlands: Closed for tourists from the UK and Sweden

Foreign Office advice on non-essential travel

Currently, the FCO advice is not to travel unless it is for essential reasons.  However with the possibility of the UK Government setting up air bridges, also termed "travel Corridors" towards the end of June, this blanket advice is likely to be changed for those countries with whom travel corridors are established with.

14 Day Quarantine

Also, currently, anyone entering the UK including citizens must self-quarantine for 14 days, if air bridges are established this will be waived for those countries where a reciprocal arrangement is in place.

Flights to Europe

In an ever-shifting situation, the current outlook is that flights to Europe will start early to mid-July but with reduced frequency - at least 30% fewer flights than pre-COVID.  Prices are currently on the lower side but as demand picks up we do expect to see this change quickly.

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