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What exactly is an air bridge?

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Air Bridges also referred to as "travel corridors" put at its simplest is the ability for tourists between two countries to holiday without the need for quarantining in either country

What is an air bridge

Currently, anyone entering the UK, including its citizens, must quarantine for 14 days when returning from abroad, a requirement which is off-putting to anyone wishing to holiday overseas or indeed for people wanting to visit the UK.

The rule is set to be in place until the end of June but there are strong indications from the Government that some sort of travel corridor arrangments will be in place by the start of July, Boris Johnson has referred to the rule as a "three-week wonder".  

Ministers are said to be evaluating which countries to negotiate mutual travel arrangements based on five criteria:

  • The economic importance of the other country
  • Number of visitors and the revenue they generate
  • The overall Covid-19 situation
  • The controls in place in the other country to limit Covid-19
  • That country's "R" number 

Some countries such as France have so far reacted negatively to the UK's quarantine requirement and have set up reciprocal rules for UK Visitors.

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