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Unique Things To Do In Naples

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Naples is an exquisite holiday destination for many reasons; as well as sun, sea and sand, there’s so much to sink your teeth into. This elegant city in southern Italy will always remain a classic. It especially appeals to travellers looking to bathe in inviting waters and eat mouth-watering cuisine, night after night.

Secret Tunnels Made for a King

But what mysterious locations and local attractions are visitors missing out on? There are a plethora of unique things to do in Naples and once you’ve read our round-up, you will want to discover them for yourself.

The Bourbon Tunnel, or Galleria Borbonica as it's known locally, is certainly an unusual place. Its chequered past is over one hundred years old; it was crafted in 1853 as a safe escape route for Ferdinand II of Bourbon.

Prepare to be wowed and enthralled by this interesting subterranean attraction. Various guided tours let you see the tunnels, ranging from the basic to the more adventurous. Make sure you examine the fascinating collection of vintage cars here, too, while ambling through these winding corridors.

Modern Art in The Metro

To enjoy a sprinkle of colour and creativity, venture to Toledo Metro Station. Surprisingly, not many tourists consider adding this striking space to their “to-do” list, with a design that was originally inspired by the themes of light and water.

Admire the glistening walls and mosaic ceiling overhead as you glide down the escalator. You’ll experience a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes when you walk around this spot, brimming with astounding art.

After visiting the visually spectacular station, go above ground to Via Toledo, where you can peruse fabulous clothes shops and stalls.

Ancient Burials Beneath Your Feet

This city is home to a cemetery that’s been around for hundreds of years. Head to the Catacombs of San Gennaro for a glimpse of the exciting, spooky and eerie side of the humbling history here. The original central area actually dates back to the second century AD.

Purchase a ticket to gaze at a bishop’s chair (which is carved into the rock) and uncover an array of meandering corridors and darkened hallways, too. Don’t forget to take a peek at the age-old paintings displayed throughout. Whether you’re a curious traveller or a true historian, this spellbinding site is not to be missed.

If you want to explore off-the-beaten-track activities, you can do so when booking a getaway to Naples. Read more blogs from Citrus Holidays, today, for inspiration, handy travel advice and affordable packages.

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