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The Best Things to Do Around Lake Como

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Lake Como is a spot we all dream of venturing to at least once in our lifetime. After all, who wouldn’t want to soak up the Italian sunshine amongst a magical, scenic backdrop?

It can often be hard to plan an escape to somewhere this spectacular because you don’t know where to begin. That’s why we’ve put our expert knowledge into practice and rounded up the best things to do around Lake Como.

Hop Aboard the Taxi Boat Varenna

It’s not every day that you’ll be seconds away from the glittering waters of Lake Como, so you’ll probably want to make the most of it while you’re there. Helpfully, the excursions operated by Taxi Boat Varenna let you do just that.

When you use this service, you can opt for either a group or private tour; all you need to do is board at the floating dock in Varenna. Then, open your eyes to embrace what feels like a fantasy - you’ll be completely at peace as you sail across the lake.

Seek Out Villa Carlotta

At some point during your holiday, make your way over to Villa Carlotta. Located on the stunning shores of Lake Como, this impeccable site combines extraordinary landscaping with marvellous Neoclassical architecture.

Explore the blissful botanical garden here, which is filled with colourful azaleas and rhododendrons, alongside countless aromatic plants. If you become peckish, take a seat at the on-site cafe, Antica Serra, to overlook the calming waters and taste the true treasures of Italy with a hot focaccia.

If you know when you’ll be arriving, book your place in the line beforehand on Villa Carlotta’s official website. Doing so ensures your visit is guaranteed, and you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on this superb sightseeing opportunity during your travels.

Call at Jungle Raider Park Civenna

Take the little ones on an adventure they’ll never forget at Jungle Raider Park Civenna. This hidden gem includes a number of different walking routes with varying levels of difficulty.

Everyone is bound to enjoy it here since it caters for all types of ramblers. There are paths created specifically for babies, children and adults; it’s up to you to choose which one you’ll set foot on.

you’re after something a bit more action-packed, don’t worry, as there are plenty of other exciting experiences to partake in, such as archery and canyoning. You can even jump on a mountain or road bike and pedal past incredible natural landscapes.

Gaze at Como Cathedral

History buffs will adore this remarkable Roman Catholic cathedral, which dates back to the 14th century. It’s been coined as one of the most important buildings in the entire region, which is why we urge you to go and see it for yourself.

You can indulge in dazzling photo opportunities both inside and outside. We’d recommend heading to the northern entrance, to examine the iconic “door of the frog”. The small, intricately designed frog sculpture found at this entry point is actually rumoured to bring good luck to those who touch it!

To find out more about Lake Como and all it has to offer, read through our collection of blogs, now. Or, browse our range of packages and book your ideal escape.

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