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Latest Travel Regulations

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An update on the latest Travel Regulations after the Government announcement on Friday 3 July

What a week! From rumors of the Government dropping air bridges, also known as air corridors in favor of a traffic light system, to a full circle back to publishing a list of countries forming air corridors with England.   Scotland and Wales are yet to issue their own guidance.

From 4 July the FCO will lift the warning against all but essential international travel to the 59 countries listed and from 10 July 2020 people returning to England from certain countries will not need to self isolate.

You can see the list of 59 countries here but do please note the Government has said that this is not fixed in stone and will change with any changes in the "R" rate of specific countries - countries can be added and removed from the list.

The important thing to note is that although you will not need to quarantine in England when returning from one of the 59 countries listed, those Countries themselves may well have quarantine or other entry regulations in place.

Countries maintaining restrictions

Here are some of the current restrictions that UK citizens face when arriving at major tourism destinations:




Cyprus: no entry if you have been in the UK in the past 14 days


France: UK arrivals asked to self-isolate for 14 days


Greece: direct flights resume on July 15; travellers need to complete a Passenger Locator Form at least 48 hours before travel and may have to take a Covid-19 test and self-isolate


Malta: flights resume on July 15 with 14-day self-isolation required




Antigua and Barbuda: Covid test on arrival; visitors could be required to enter government-provided quarantine for seven to 14 days


Barbados: mandatory test on arrival with guests having to isolate in their accommodation for up to 48 hours until test results are provided


Jamaica: all arrivals must get authorisation to visit from Visit Jamaica website before flying; all travellers will be tested for Covid-19 on arrival.


Asia Pacific


Australia: Entry limited to Australian citizens and permanent residents or those with an exemption; all travellers undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine


Japan: Arrivals who have been in the UK in past 14 days cannot enter Japan unless there are exceptional circumstances


New Zealand: Entry is currently closed to almost all arrivals


Vietnam: Minimum 14-day quarantine for all visitors

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