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The Best Beaches to Visit in Calabria

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When it comes to beaches, Calabria may be the jewel in Italy’s crown. The region is adorned with miles of crisp coastline, much of which boasts soft golden sands to lie on, alongside jaw-dropping backdrops to take in.

With all of the sublime sunbathing spots waiting to be explored here, it can be hard to pick out the top ones to visit. That’s why we’ve decided to do the hard work for you, by rounding up the best Calabria beaches.

Caminia Beach

Caminia Beach truly is a peaceful paradise, encapsulating everything that travellers love about Italy’s shores in a single stretch of coastline. If you asked an artist to paint an image of an Italian beach, the result would look something like this one.

Idyllic sands are met with vibrant, turquoise waters, which are as warm and refreshing as they are colourful, making them perfect for swimming. All of this is encircled by a craggy, tree-topped cliff, much of which is peppered with quaint buildings. Simply rent a sunbed, put your feet up and relax.

Le Castella Beach

Naturally, you’ll be looking forward to taking some well-deserved downtime during your Calabria escape. However, we know that you’ll still want to uncover the nearby sights. How about doing both at the same time? At Le Castella Beach, you’ll be able to do exactly that.

This picturesque patch of sand is a mere stone’s throw away from an Aragonese castle, letting you explore a captivating site while you unwind. This beach is relatively small and intimate, but it has a cosy feel that makes it irresistibly inviting.

Scilla Beach

Le Castella isn’t the only beach in Calabria with a significant setting. Scilla is one of the region’s leading towns for culture, being the traditional home of Scylla - a six-headed sea monster (according to Greek mythology).

The beach itself sits in the shadow of a historical attraction. When you lay your towel down on the sand, you’ll be able to see the rugged Ruffo Castle (an 11th-century fortress) in the distance. This makes it a blissful resting place for an afternoon spent in the sun.

The Shore of Tropea

Finally, head to Tropea. This spectacular shoreline is known as the “Coast of the Gods” - and with good reason. Tropea’s beach is breathtaking by anyone’s standards, featuring plenty of facilities and a number of remarkable rock formations.

Look forward, and you’ll be greeted by the glorious Tyrrhenian Sea, where the bright Italian sun can be seen reflecting off the water’s shimmering surface. Turn around and you’ll see pastel-coloured buildings perched atop a dramatic cliff face, as well as a series of astonishing arches towering over you.

In truth, the only way to fully appreciate this beach’s beauty is to pack your bags and go there yourself. So, why don’t you do just that?

We have a full range of holidays to Calabria to choose from, meaning you’re bound to find an affordable getaway that delivers each of your desires. Book your dream break, today!

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