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Three of the Best Lakes to Visit in Italy

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of floating along glittering waters as the sun beats down on your skin, and you can do this with ease in Italy. This captivating country is home to some of the finest lakes in the world, all of which are oozing with charm.

Since there are so many of them to explore, we’ve rounded up three of the greatest Italian lakes for you to visit. Read on to uncover why you should add these gorgeous spots to your bucket list.

Lake Orta

Lake Orta is often unbeknownst to travellers, but trust us, it’s absolutely dazzling. In fact, it might just be Northern Italy’s best-kept secret.

Although this lustrous lake is small in size, it’s still extraordinary. Simply immerse yourself in its impeccable backdrop, which features rocky hills fringed with emerald green forests. Its centrepiece, Isola San Giulio, is a truly special sight to behold. Plus, it’s home to the exquisite Roman Catholic church, Basilica di San Giulio.

Many holidaymakers are unaware of the lake’s sheer brilliance, yet it has been frequented by several famous writers in the past. The likes of Lord Byron and Robert Browning ventured here during the 19th century, using this setting as their creative muse!

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is Italy’s biggest lake, offering lavish landscapes to admire near and far. This beautiful body of water is so large that it’s actually spread across three different Italian provinces: Verona, Trentino and Brescia.

As well as being picture-perfect, it’s also a dream come true if you love pampering yourself silly because there are a number of spectacular spas dotted around the lake. It’s extremely family-orientated, too, so you can bring the kids along safe in the knowledge that there’ll be lots to keep them entertained.

Better yet, there are plenty of opportunities for you to take up exciting activities like windsurfing, sailing and even climbing. Or, you can wander through the relaxed side streets of Sirmione for a slower-paced adventure. No matter how you like to spend your holidays, you’ll never tire of visiting here.

Lake Como

Lake Como is praised for its chic, celebrity residents alongside its breathtaking scenery. Being the third-largest lake in Italy, this desirable destination showcases a host of terrific tourist attractions. Whether you travel there for a day or a week, it will feel as though you’ve stepped into heaven - we can guarantee it.

Its stunning shores are lined with colourful, historic villas. Plus, the nearby towns are packed with remarkable restaurants and quaint, narrow streets to get lost in. Remember to seek out the wealth of glorious gardens while you’re there, including those found at Villa Carlotta and Villa Balbianello.

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