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Sorrento holidays: weather, beaches, food and things to do in Sorrento, Italy

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Sorrento holidays: weather, beaches, food and things to do in Sorrento, Italy

A coastal town nestled serenely on top of a cliffside, Sorrento is known for its dazzling views. It’s also a great stepping stone for visiting other southern Italian must-sees, including the picturesque Amalfi Coast, the glamorous island of Capri and historic Pompeii. 

Its architecture is beautiful and varied. With 14th century churches and 11th-century cathedrals, exploring Sorrento is like stepping back in time. 

To give you a better understanding of what to expect from a Sorrento holiday, we’ve put together a guide with all the things you need to know – including what to eat, what to see and what to do in Sorrento. 

Where is Sorrento?

Sorrento is a town on the southwest coast of Italy in the region of Campania. Sitting on top of cliffs and overlooking the Bay of Naples, flight time to Sorrento is just over two and a half hours from the UK. 

Sorrento weather

Sorrento enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers. Temperatures are highest in July and August with highs of 29 degrees and lows of 18 degrees, while the coldest month is January with highs of 12 and lows of 4 degrees. 

Springtime sees warm, pleasant weather and the lemon trees (which the area is famous for) are in bloom at this time, making for wonderful scenery.

Things to do in Sorrento

Whether you’re keen to get a taste of the Sorrentine way of life or are simply using the town as a springboard for venturing to other destinations, there are plenty of things to do in Sorrento to suit every type of traveller. 


  • Sorrento Cathedral – step foot in Sorrento’s “Duomo”, a Roman Catholic construction and first erected in the 11th century. 
  • The Church of St Francis – this was founded by Saint Antoninus, the Patron Saint of Sorrento. It was transformed into a church in the 14th century and currently has a marble white façade. 
  • Basilica of St Antoninus – the town’s oldest church. 
  • Villa Pollio Felice – these are ruins of a first-century Roman villa on Punta del Capo, boasting superlative views of the ocean. 
  • Museo Correale di Terranova – spread out over three floors, this museum has collections from Neapolitan painters dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as ceramics, glassware, crystals and watches. 
  • Archaeological Museum of the Sorrentine Peninsula – this museum has all sorts of local treasures. Located on top of a cliff overlooking Naples Bay, it’s also a great place to take photos of the breath-taking scenery. 


  • Piazza Tasso – wander this central square, named after the poet Torquato Tasso. Home to the Baroque Church del Carmine, it is also a gateway to the shopping street of Via San Cesareo. 
  • Marina Grande – stroll around this pastel-coloured fishing village and stop in at one of the family-run seafood restaurants that line the shore. 
  • Sorrento Old Town – meander through the bustling Old Town with its colourful, pastel buildings and thrumming marketplaces. 
  • Capri – sitting just a stone’s throw from the Sorrentine Peninsula (20 minutes by boat to be exact) is the captivating island of Capri, a paradise with five-star hotels and sensational scenery. 
  • Pompeii – Sorrento is only a short drive from Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. Take a day trip to this historically-rich and interesting area if you have the time. 


  • Lemon groves – lemons from Sorrento are some of the best in Italy. Tour one of the groves and make sure you sample limoncello during your stay. 
  • Punta Campanella – this nature reserve links the Sorrentine Peninsula with the Amalfi Coast. The area is steeped in history; according to legend, it is where Ulysses met the Sirens.
  • Villa Comunale – stroll around this large park with fountains, gardens and beautiful scenery. 

Sorrento beaches

Though Sorrento isn’t known for its beaches due to its hilltop position, you can still find some lovely, picturesque spots for bathing and basking in the Italian sunshine. 

Here are some of our recommended beaches in Sorrento:

  • Marina Grande Beach – Sorrento’s fishing village has a small volcanic sand beach. 
  • Marina Piccola Beach – a smaller strip of volcanic sand that’s nice for swimming. 
  • Puolo – an area with a large stretch of public beach and shallow waters, perfect for families. 
  • Marina del Cantone – this bay sits near the area of Nerano. Boasting a large pebble beach with sparkling waters, it is also a great place to try the local speciality “spaghetti allaNerano” made with provolone cheese and zucchini. 
  • Leonelli’s Beach – this square-shaped beach also has a fairly large restaurant area, meaning you can try typical Sorrentine dishes if you want. 

Sorrento food

Aside from the typical pizza and pasta dishes which Italy is known for, there are a few culinary staples native to the area of Sorrento that we recommend you try during your stay: 

  • Gnocchi alla Sorrentina– gnocchi pasta with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil.
  • Scialatelli – a type of pasta that’s short, thick and linguine-like. It originated from the Amalfi coast. 
  • Sfogliatella – a shell-shaped Italian pastry from the Campania region. It is sometimes referred to as “lobster tail” in English. 
  • Pastiera – a Neapolitan tart made from wheat, eggs and ricotta cheese. 
  • Limoncello – a digestive alcoholic liqueur made from lemon peel. Produced mainly in the south of Italy, this is how locals round off their meals.  

Package holidays to Sorrento

Many of our Sorrento holiday offers include flights, accommodation and transfers – taking the hassle out of booking and leaving you to focus on how you want to spend your time at your destination. 

Depending on how long you want to go for and whether or not you’d like to combine your tour with other destinations, Citrus Holidays have a wealth of package holidays to Sorrento to fuel your wanderlust:

Useful information

  • In Sorrento, the language spoken is Italian. 
  • The currency is euros. 
  • The time difference is GMT+1. 
  • The power plugs and sockets are type L with two or three round prongs. You’ll need an adapter. 
  • 113 is the national emergency number. 

At Citrus Holidays, we not only offer package holidays to Sorrento but also plenty of other exciting excursion-packed trips too. Have a look at our other European city breaks here and book a much-deserved getaway for 2020! 

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