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10 Reasons to Book a Twin or Multi Centre Holiday

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1. Great Value

One fantastic reason to enjoy a twin centre holiday is that they offer fantastic value! You pay for one package and you get to see two or more destinations in one trip. Twin centre holidays in Europe are particularly good value, and often don’t cost much more than a single destination trip.

2. Best of Both Worlds

Maybe your partner is more a fan of beach holidays, whereas you prefer to hit the hot spots in the city. A twin centre holiday is a great way to compromise and do both on your holiday. Alternatively, you may want to tour a country and visit an array of iconic sights before unwinding on the beach, which is possible with a Sri Lanka and Maldives holiday.

3. Tick Off Two or More Countries in One Trip

A twin or multi centre holiday means you can tick more than one country off your bucket list in one go. Many organised tours will include carefully chose highlights in each destination, which means you really do get to see the most important attractions in a limited amount of time. 

4. Discover More

Rather than be limited to one hotel or destination, a twin or multi-centre holiday gives you the opportunity to discover and ultimately, see and do more. You may have always wanted to visit Rome but why not combine it with a holiday to Verona as well? Or maybe you want to tick Thailand off your bucket list but would like to see an array of destinations – an island hopping Thailand holiday may be the answer. With so many holidays to choose from, the world really is your oyster! 

5. Choose from an Array of Destinations

There is so much variety when it comes to twin and multi-centre holidays. You could choose a far-flung adventure such as an Ecuador and Galapagos tour, or a holiday to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, alternatively, you could visit somewhere closer to home and enjoy a twin-centre holiday in Italy or a holiday that explores Portugal.

6. Travel Iconic Routes

Many tourists opt to enjoy a classic twin or multi centre holiday, one that includes iconic attractions and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One very popular trip is a Golden Triangle tour, which includes Delhi, Agra and Jaipur in India and an array of world-famous sights such as the Taj Mahal. Another iconic option is an Asia tour that includes the incredible Great Wall of China, such as a Beijing, Hong Kongand Tokyo tour.

7. Stress-Free Travel

On an organised twin centre or multi centre tour, you can just relax and enjoy the sights. Organised twin centre holidays include an itinerary and all of your transfers, flights and accommodation, and even sometimes meals. This means, you can just concentrate on having a good time. 

8. New Itineraries

With twin and multi centre holidays becoming increasingly popular with UK tourists, new itineraries arealways popping up.So, whether you have a specific destination in mind or you are open to any itinerary, there is sure to be something to suit.

9. Keep Things Exciting

There’s nothing worse than being bored on holiday. Although rare, sometimes a holiday may not quite live up to your expectations. With a twin or multi centre holiday there is so much packed in that you don’t have time to be bored. Also, if somewhere doesn’t quite meet your expectations, then you haven’t got to wait long before you are travelling to somewhere else! It also gives you the rare opportunity to compare neighbouring countries or various different cities on one trip.

10. Take that Holiday of a Lifetime

A far-flung twin or multi centre holiday has recently become a popular choice with honeymooners and tourists wanting to take a holiday of a lifetime. Popular holiday destinations include Asia, South America, the Caribbean and tours of South Africa.

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