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Explore the Sardinian Costa Smeralda with Us

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The Costa Smeralda is a glamorous coastal section of Sardinia, an island off the Italian Peninsula. It stretches for around 10km from the small settlement of Arzachena to the Gulf of Cugnana (although many people now regard it as being up to 20km in length).

As well as providing stunning beaches to relax on and an amazing Mediterranean climate, it’s famed for its prestigious clientele. It truly has a lot to offer, which is why we’ve made this handy blog post to help you discover its highlights. Read on to find out more.

Fit for a King

This glistening strip of coastline is well-known around the world, thanks to a visit from Karim Aga Khan IV. The prince came to this part of Sardinia by chance in 1958 and fell in love with its mostly untouched beauty.

He then decided to develop the area for holidaymakers but preserved its natural surroundings when doing so. Soon after, many other royals began to travel here for getaways, cementing it as the perfect destination for the famous and wealthy.

A Wealth of Blissful Beaches

Principe Beach was named as such because it was actually the favourite of the prince himself, and you can see why. The warm, turquoise water laps against gorgeous, bright white sand, making it irresistibly inviting. It’s the ideal place to simply soak up the sun while lying amongst breathtaking scenery.

If you’re after a smaller spot, make your way to Capriccioli. Here, you’ll unearth a heavenly little cove enclosed by a body of lush plants and trees, with rocks dividing up the sand. Plus, when you look out to sea, you’re met with a beautiful view of faraway islands. The vegetation acts as a shelter from the wind, too, meaning that the water is always calm and clear.

Of course, this spectacular coastline has countless other serene secrets to uncover. So, why not spend a week stopping off at various different locations, to find the most blissful beach of them all?

More Than Sun and a Shoreline

There is more to the Emerald Coast than meets the eye: away from the shore, there are fascinating sites to behold. The entire island is scattered with archaeological remnants left by the Nuragic civilisation during the Bronze Age. Take a tour of one of the ancient settlements, such as the Nuraghe La Prisgiona.

The resort of Porto Cervo is the main centre within this region, and there’s certainly enough to do here to keep you busy for the duration of your stay. Better yet, there are a number of pretty villages dotted around nearby that you can call in at, such as Arzachena.

To gain more inspiration for your next adventure abroad, read another of our blog posts. Or, if you can’t wait to explore this sun-dappled coast, begin booking a holiday to Sardinia, by browsing our deals, today.

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