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A Guide to Mountain Biking Around Lake Garda

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Lake Garda is a natural phenomenon; it’s an impressively large body of water frequented by a variety of travellers. Although, many people are unaware of this lake’s full potential. It’s actually an incredible cycling destination, featuring state-of-the-art trails with serene settings and a balmy climate to match.

While keen mountain bikers may know about the different wonders of this special spot already, beginners might not be aware of everything that it has to offer. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide, to help every type of tourist start an unforgettable adventure in this part of Northern Italy.

Some Inside Information...

There are 44 official mountain bike trails dotted around Lake Garda, suiting bikers of all abilities. This area also hosts the FSA BIKE Festival Garda Trentino, a yearly event where major companies from the bike sector promote their newest products. So, you can pedal your way through the lavish landscapes of Lake Garda before venturing to the expo for free!

Head to the Garda Bike Shop

First things first: you need a safe and sturdy mountain bike to begin your ride. Visit this excellent shop in Riva del Garda to rent one for yourself, as well as a full-face helmet to ensure you stay protected at all times. You know you’re in good hands here because the store’s official dealers are the legendary bike brands, Cannondale and GT Bicycles.

Pick your Route Carefully

There are trails for every kind of rider across Lake Garda, from the novice to the experienced. This means you should do your research on which is the best for you, based on your skill level.

For the Experts

If you’re a seasoned cyclist, you’ll be seeking out tough climbs and invigorating paths. The lake is often deemed as a Mecca for avid mountain bikers, who can rush past vibrant valleys and face challenging hills along the way.

Take the Lago di Ledro – Ponale loop from Campi to experience some extreme but rewarding mountain biking. This terrain is simply spectacular, covering a distance of 24.6 miles.

For the New Starters

Beginners can either book onto a steady, guided mountain bike excursion, or select their own route and see where the forest-filled roads take them.

If you opt for a private tour, you’ll be accompanied by a skilled instructor, who will lead you through several exquisite areas. Luckily, there are plenty of tour operators to choose from, including the highly reliable MTB GARDA RIDERS.

Pack Accordingly

Italy is famed for its sun-soaked skies and sizzling temperatures, which make for a pleasant ride amongst the sublime scenery surrounding Lake Garda. However, this does mean you’ll have to prepare for your journey in advance.

You’ll certainly need to quench your thirst and feed your appetite. So, ensure you take a backpack filled with water bottles, alongside a handful of snacks to keep your energy levels up.

What Next?

Now that you know how to get around Lake Garda on two wheels, the next step is booking an Italy holiday package. Alternatively, read through our other blog posts to find out more about this captivating country.

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