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Stop Off in Sorrento: All About the Amalfi Coast

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In Sorrento, Italian charm and culture are present in an abundance. This lavish location overlooks the beautiful Bay of Naples, with an astonishing view of Mount Vesuvius in the distance.

Like many towns along this coast, Sorrento is perched atop a series of craggy cliffs in a setting that is perfect for any postcard. Trust us, you’ll never tire of residing in such remarkable surroundings or indulging in the highlights of an adventure to the Amalfi Coast.

Better yet, to help you find out more about this magical Mediterranean shore in Southern Italy, we’ve rounded up some of our top tips in a quick and handy guide.

Take a Break by the Water

To reach the seaside, stroll down the steps from Sorrento’s centre (or take the lift after a long day). As you descend, you’ll come to a wooden lido, which holds a private bathing area with bright blue sunbeds and umbrellas. Close by, there’s also a small public section of sand to laze on. If you’re looking for a quieter stretch, wander along the coast a little further until you come to the Marina Grande. As well as being home to a quaint collection of fishing boats, this spot makes a great place to relax under the sun. Just lie out on the beach beneath the pastel-coloured houses, and let your stresses melt away.

Live la Dolce Vita

After a morning of window shopping and soaking up the character of the town, dive into some of Sorrento’s finest cuisine. Make your way through Piazza Tasso (the central square) and down the high street, where countless cafes line the pavements. This is where you need to be if you’re searching for a quick bite to eat.

For your evening meal, find a place that boasts wonderful traditional dishes from the Campania region, such as 'O Parrucchiano La Favorita. This restaurant’s unassuming entrance is found on the main street, but you’ll walk through into a magical eatery. Here, you’ll dine in a spectacular indoor garden, full of sublime citrus trees strung with fairy lights.

Discover Alluring Destinations

While you’re lucky enough to be staying on the Amalfi Coast, why not make time to uncover some of Sorrento’s neighbouring towns?

Hop on a ferry from the port and sail around the peninsula to the pretty cliffside village of Positano. Though this spot is well-known to travellers, its beauty will still stop you in your tracks as you step off the boat. When your feet tire of exploring the narrow, winding streets, simply sit back on the pebbly beach, before catching the last ferry home.

The iconic island of Capri might not be part of the mainland, but it’s certainly worth a visit. Its affluence still attracts the famous and wealthy today, as well as plenty of day-trippers. If you can, one of the best ways to see the entire island is to rent a little boat. This way, you can skip the crowds and spend a few hours swimming around rocky coves in the glistening water.

So, if you’re still planning your next getaway, consider venturing to Sorrento. Browse our selection of holiday packages and book your ideal escape, now.

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