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A Foodie's Guide to Florence

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Holidays to Florence are a dream for food fanatics. After all, the Tuscan capital is brimming with quaint eateries and delectable delicacies.

Italy has long been celebrated for its huge array of divine dishes, and this sublime city is no different. As well as the famous favourites like pasta and pizza, the local cuisine consists of marvellous grilled meats, herby vegetables and hearty loaves of bread.

We understand that picking the best snacking spots can be a tough task, especially since there are so many delicious delights to try at once. To help you sample the top tastes around, we’ve created a bite-sized guide for foodies heading to this wonderful region. Read below to whet your appetite.

Budget Bites

You don’t need a wealthy wallet to eat like a king in this city: there are plenty of places where you can get some glorious grub without breaking the bank. In fact, most outlets tend to offer reasonable prices, as the standard of competition is pretty high.

A great location to grab cheap eats on the go is the Mercato Centrale. It’s here that you’ll find various vendors selling fresh produce and mouth-watering snacks. Make your way over to the food court to tuck into a plate of warming bollito misto (a tender beef and veal stew), or porchetta (a traditional style of roast pork).

This market is frequented by locals, too; you’ll really feel as though you’re experiencing an authentic flavour of Florence when relishing one of these blissful bites.

Revered Restaurants

If you like to indulge in a little luxury during your well-earned getaway, then you’re in the right place. Florence has a flurry of Michelin star restaurants, such as Enoteca Pinchiorri, which produces a medley of mind-blowing meals daily. Come here for a modern take on seafood pasta, presented in ways you’ve never seen before!

Alternatively, head to Ora D’Aria. This restaurant is so good that its reputation has been built entirely on word of mouth! Order from one of the set menus or pick from a host of pristine dishes.

Vegan Favourites

Fear not, there’s no shortage of quirky, vegan-friendly places to dine at in Florence. This includes the colourful creations found at Flower Burger, which serves tasty plant-based burgers in coloured buns.

For something truly unique, venture to the astrology-inspired Il Bio dei Medici, where there is a different dish for every zodiac sign.

Prepare Your Own Pizzas

If you consider yourself a foodie, you’ll love making food just as much as eating it. Luckily, there are several sites where you can do exactly that, thanks to the countless kitchens which offer fun-filled cookery lessons.

Learn how to make perfect pizza or pasta from scratch, under the tutelage of a friendly expert chef. You can take these recipes back home with you and continue to recreate them time and time again.

There are several three-hour crash courses to choose from, many of which run small, intimate classes with a charming camaraderie.

Try Them for Yourself...

Taste all of these tempting treats by embarking on one of our holidays to Florence. Check out the full range of affordable packages, now, before booking your ideal getaway.

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