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Florence 2021: 5 Reasons to Visit This Year

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Tuscany’s capital, Florence, is truly sublime. The scintillating sites and balmy Italian temperatures are just some of this destination’s highlights. However, it delivers so much more than this.

That’s why we’ve listed the top five reasons to visit Florence this year, and for many years to come. Read on to uncover this city’s sheer brilliance and all that it has to offer.

1. You’ll Experience a Romantic Paradise

Couples can explore dreamy landscapes together day after day when holidaying in Florence. Admire incredible vistas as you stroll through the Giardino Bardini. Meander past vast swathes of emerald green grass and fabulous fruit orchards, before sharing a kiss by one of the six fountains.

Alternatively, you can both pull up a seat at a scenic rooftop bar. Simply immerse yourselves in the sparkling night sky and relax while you sip on a Negroni - an iconic Italian cocktail.

2. It’s Teeming with Culture

Florence’s streets represent a land of opportunity, where you can welcome its captivating culture with open arms.

This city is celebrated for its remarkable range of Renaissance masterpieces, and seeing them in person is as spectacular as you’d expect. Lose yourself in the exceptional artwork at the Uffizi Gallery, or examine the famous statue of Michelangelo's David, at the Accademia Gallery.

3. To Indulge in the Local Delicacies

It’s no secret that Italian food is exquisite, but this is especially evident when you visit Florence’s impressive cafés, bistros and bars.

The delicious delights on offer here are to die for. We would recommend ordering tagliere - a traditional Tuscan smoked meat and cheese board. Then, soak up the sun before tucking into a scoop of handmade gelato. After all, this city produces some of the best in the country!

4. Uncover Unique Activities, Far and Wide

Of course, this part of Italy is brimming with authentic sightseeing adventures. However, many people don’t realise that Florence is home to a number of weird and wonderful spots, too.

Take La Specola, also known as the Museum of Zoology and Natural History. Here, you can study a host of taxidermy animals, alongside the largest collection of anatomical waxes in the world. It’s certainly an unusual place to venture to, but that’s what makes it so memorable.

5. You Can Walk to Your Heart’s Content

Discovering a new place is always a special experience. Although, this is definitely enhanced when you ramble through it at your own pace, and you can do exactly that in Florence.

The real beauty of this location is its compact size, which makes it extremely easy to navigate on foot. Embrace the breathtaking scenery as you wander across its quiet cobblestone streets, enjoying brilliant sights with each and every step.

What Next?

Read our other blog posts to learn more about the benefits of visiting this superb city. Or, book one of our Florence holiday packages to see it for yourself!

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