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Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the South Pacific, Tonga is divided into four distinct island groups, each scenically diverse. The main island in the south, Tongatapu, is Tonga’s cultural centre and the home of the Kingdom’s capital, Nuku’alofa. This is also where the Royal Family resides. To the north lay the Ha’apai group, a chain of delightfully attractive low-lying atolls – the dream destination for divers and anglers. Beyond Ha’apai is the Vava’u group, considered Tonga’s sailing centre – where a paradise of lush tropical landscapes, a deep water harbour, rock islands and limestone caves awaits you. Niuas, an isolated trio of volcanic islands where traditional Tongan culture still thrives, marks the extreme northern reaches of this beautiful South Pacific nation. The people of Tonga are welcoming, relaxed and deeply traditional. Craft is a social affair within a Tongan village – it brings the people together, and celebrating with friends and family is an important part of their society. Any occasion can become a reason for dancing, singing and feasting. The Heilala Festival, held annually in July, is the Kingdom’s largest festival celebrating the Crown Prince’s birthday. Indeed, the Kingdom of Tonga is a ‘jewel in the Pacific.’
For travellers, the array of unique settings provides experiences suited for everyone and every budget. There’s isolated white sandy beaches for soaking in the sun and taking life easy, dense rainforests teaming with exotic flora and fauna to tempt adventurers and naturalists, and a magnificent colourful underwater playground where striking tropical fish dart in and out of incredible coral structures.
With access to some of the best fishing waters in the South Pacific, you can be assured of sumptuous seafood in Tonga. There is a large choice of venues from alfresco dining on the ocean’s edge to hidden cafés in the rainforest. On Tongatapu, you will find a large selection of eateries along Vuna Road which stretches along the waterfront. Many fales will provide breakfast and dinner with a number also providing snacks during the day.
The nightlife in Tonga is filled with enthusiasm and zest. It is very diverse – from high-class bars to those with less than an upmarket reputation – it just goes to show that Tonga believes in catering for every taste and fancy. All bars close at midnight on Saturday nights.
Tongans are renowned for their handicrafts, in particular their large and intricate tapa cloths which make the perfect Tongan souvenir. These are made from the stem of the mulberry tree which is beaten into a pulp and finally made into the large cloths measuring at least 20 square feet. Ngatu is a plain tapa cloth, designed with a stencilled pattern from natural dyes, and are presented at important gatherings. You can purchase small lengths of this unique cloth at the markets in Nukualofa. Mats are another important item to Tongan families. They are woven from strips of pandanus leaves and traditionally made by the women.
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