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Risk-taking artists, passionate producers, inventive chefs and soulful heritage bring light and shade to the capital city of Hobart. Flanked by mountains and waterways the city's cultural vibe meets the surrounding wilderness delivering dramatic results.
More than a third of Tasmania is protected in national parks, world heritage areas and reserves – yet the island’s spellbinding landscape is easily accessible. Explore walking tracks, highland lakes, secluded beaches, caverns, and mountains. Play golf, ride downhill on a mountain bike, raft rivers and jump off dams. Tasmania also has abundant wildlife and is the only place you’ll see Tasmanian devils in the wild.
When it comes to history and heritage, the compact island state, Tasmania, is chock full. Tasmania is rich with stories, and there’s no shortage of museums, or people to re-tell stories of the past. Explore the early lives of explorers, pioneers, and convicts. Make new discoveries–where they’re least expected.
Northern Tasmania is an eclectic collection of boutique and playful experiences. Its charming city, Launceston, is full of character, eye-catching architecture, small shops fronts and interesting stores. It’s the place for adventure, festivals, mountain bike tracks and world class golf courses.
Pull back to a slower pace and soak in natural beauty, wild coastlines, picturesque towns and a slower lifestyle. Be transformed by fresh farm grown produce, waterfalls and the greatest expanse of cool temperate rainforest in Australia, and second largest in the world – The Tarkine.
Along the East Coast you can dine on plump oysters and other fresh seafood, sip wine with the winemaker at one of the wineries along the coast, kayak with dolphins or take the ferry to Maria Island – a wildlife haven set amongst natural beauty and convict history.
In Tasmania you won’t just taste the food, you’ll meet food thought leaders and chefs leading a cultural food revolution. There are farmers markets, cutting edge restaurants, gourmet walking tours, farm gates and providores scattered all across the island.
There’s good reason Tasmania’s wine, cider, beer and spirits are highly sought after. The island’s moderate climate provides the perfect ingredients for winemaking, brewing and distilling.
Mixed markets in villages and towns are bringing communities together to celebrate eating and making local. Makers, crafters and bric-a-brac-ers come together with bakers, dairy producers, pig farmers and orchardists to offer a snap shot of the regions' creative diversity. Join in the tradition of sampling produce, accumulating good nosh and listening to buskers laid-back weekend vibes.
The island’s wilderness, beaches, and wildlife can all be experienced on luxurious guided walks hand in hand with cosy cabins, gourmet food and a glass of pinot.
Tasmania is a place of wild landscapes, friendly people, wonderful food and wine, and a haunting history. It's also Australia's smallest state and the most geographically diverse with over 40 per cent reserved as national parks and world heritage wilderness. Australia's only island state, access to Tasmania is by air and sea only.
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