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Sydney is Australia's largest city, home to beautiful beaches such as world-famous Bondi Beach, iconic buildings, historic landmarks, acclaimed restaurants, and a vibrant culture. From the breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour to the tranquillity of the Royal Botanic Garden, the city is a delight for everyone. If you're looking for a holiday adventure, planning a honeymoon, or searching for a fun-filled getaway, Sydney is a great destination.
Sydney is home to Australia’s most iconic attractions, and incredible, unique experiences. Whether you wish to cruise in style on the blue waters of the harbour, scale the Sydney Harbour Bridge, relax on Bondi Beach, see a world-class performance in the World Heritage-listed Sydney Opera House, go whale watching or visit with koalas, it's all yours to enjoy in this splendid city.
From enchanting national parks and tranquil gardens to fascinating museums and beautiful beaches, there's always something to explore and see in Sydney. You'll discover world-class attractions and delight in a ferry ride on Sydney Harbour. And many of the best sightseeing activities are free - all you need is a map, comfortable shoes, and your bus, train or ferry fare (you can get an Opal smartcard ticket to cover all three). Enjoy some of the Sydney locals' favourite places to go.
Sydney’s beaches are world famous, and thanks to the mild climate, you can enjoy them year-round. Whether you want to ride waves on a surfboard or bodysurf at Bondi Beach, enjoy quiet time on a secluded stretch of sand, swim in a tranquil ocean pool or harbour cove, or dine overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean, Sydney's picturesque harbour and gorgeous coastal beaches have it all.
Sydney's enviable reputation as a world-class dining destination is built on talented chefs using the freshest local produce and seafood caught daily in the Pacific Ocean. You might hear the term Mod Oz, which is short for Modern Australia - a fresh fusion of Asian and European culinary styles adored by locals and visitors alike. Welcome to foodie heaven! Each year The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide reviews restaurants and awards one, two or three chef’s hats to the best - it's similar to Michelin stars. Three hats is the top award.
You'll discover plenty of stylish bars, hip venues and cool clubs in Sydney. Near the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour are bars and pubs with spectacular views of the city's iconic attractions. Enjoy beachside bars with outdoor seating. After sightseeing, you'll appreciate the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of Sydney's eclectic bars and pubs.
Sydney is a shopper’s paradise, with all your favourite international brands and labels plus trendy boutiques and buzzy weekend markets. And Sydney designers wow the fashion world with their creations; browse in boutiques and markets for innovative local designs. Stock up on boots, party frocks or unique pieces of jewellery including opals, natural pearls and pink diamonds in stylish shopping malls and boutiques.
Sydney stages spectacular events year-round. With fireworks and arts festivals, musicals and outdoor concerts, the city enchants visitors. Start your year with the dazzling New Year's Eve fireworks on Sydney Harbour. The Sydney Festival is in January. At any time of the year, see a show at the Sydney Opera House or a blockbuster musical at a charming theatre. Don't miss Australia Day on January 26, and sports fans have plenty of choices. The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras culminates with a glittering parade in March. In winter, Vivid Sydney lights up the city.
Sydney is a clean, safe modern city with a sophisticated infrastructure to service your needs.
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