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Gateway to the Capricorn Coast and the Queensland Outback, Rockhampton (the Beef Capital of Australia), is located on the Tropic of Capricorn. Founded in 1853, Rockhampton’s historical architecture shows off the city’s exciting history. Quay Street, facing the Fitzroy River, has a historic streetscape that is unique in Australia. Rockhampton is 40 km away from the seaside village of Yeppoon, which is well known for its magical beachside setting amid towering palms and sparkling seas. Thirteen of Queensland’s most beautiful beaches lie between the main townships of Yeppoon and Emu Park. Close by is Great Keppel Island, a popular island for visitors, which can be reached by a 30 minute ferry ride. Ferry services operate daily out of Keppel Bay Marina and Rosslyn Bay. The sand here is pristine white and the waters are sheltered by the stunning Great Barrier Reef. Rising out of Rockhampton’s northeastern suburbs, Mt Archer National Park provides magnificent views of the city, and showcases a spectacular range of native Australian flora and fauna. Frazer Park, at the summit of Mt Archer, is approximately 604 meters above sea level. There is plenty to do in the city and the surrounding area. West of Rockhampton is Gracemere, which is home to the largest cattle saleyard in the Southern Hemisphere. Nearby is Mt Morgan, a small town with gold rush connections and a rich gold and copper mining history. Emerald and the Sapphire Gemfields are only 4 hours west of Rockhampton, along the Tropic of Capricorn. Visitors here have the chance to strike it rich and fossick for high-quality sapphires and zircons. 25 kilometres from Rockhampton are several limestone caves worth exploring.
In Rockhampton you will find a wide range of activities and entertainment that will please every need and desire. From beautiful gardens to museums displaying Rockhampton's history, crocodile farms, cultural centres and much more. You will certainly have a great time staying in Rockhampton and beyond, traveling to the near-lying Great Keppel Island.
Rockhampton isn’t just about beef, but you will certainly find no shortage of excellent steaks in the nation's beef capital. You could also head on to the Capricorn Coast and sample some of the freshest and most tantalising seafood that is literally straight off the trawler. Relax on the beach with fish and chips or dine at one of the many waterfront restaurants.
You will discover that you can enjoy some excellent local produce at a wide range of indoor and alfresco dining venues. A good cup of coffee is never too far away in Rockhampton, and neither is a pleasant brunch location.
There is a great club and bar scene in Rockhampton and the surrounding areas, so whether it is a live music show, low-key drinks at the pub or night-long partying out on the town that you're after, you will certainly not find yourself at a loss. There are plenty of different venues providing a wide range of music and entertainment, with coastal beach bars and clubs enjoying a particular popularity.
In Rockhampton, you will be spoilt for choice. The city centre has plenty on offer with lots of well-known international chains as well as individual shops. The shopping area of Allenstown is on the corner of Canning Street & Upper Dawson Road. Those looking for jewellery need to make for East Street where one will also find local retail and food outlets. A bit further out one will find Stockland Centre, one of the biggest shopping centres between Brisbane and Cairns. North Rockhampton’s major retail centre on the corner of Highway One and Yaamba Road is a shopper’s paradise with retail outlets and a sensational food court.
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