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The city’s landmark is the Esplanade, which fringes the shoreline for 2 km and provides a place for locals and visitors to walk, cycle, lounge by the lagoon and generally enjoy the sun. As the focal point of the city, the Esplanade is always alive with various musical and cultural events and is also home to many fine restaurants and bars. Just back from the Esplanade is City Place, a modern European-styled piazza where there are plenty of shopping and eating opportunities and many of the city’s cultural and entertainment attractions. Dotted around this area, particularly along Wharf Street, you will also find a number of Cairns’ older and historical buildings with their signatory wide verandas and porches. Outside of the Central District, the suburb of Edgehill is home to the Tanks Centre, a lively local arts space, the Flecker Botanical Gardens and the Whitfield Range Environmental Park. While for those looking to hit the beach, there is a bus service running to some spectacular stretches of sand about 15 minutes north of the city.
Cairns offers endless possibilities to explore, learn and meet interesting people. The nature is breathtakingly beautiful and the people friendly and helpful. There’s always something exciting going on and if you’re all adventured out, there are plenty of options when it comes to taking it easy, and hey - why not get a nice tan while you’re relaxing?
The cuisine of Cairns is similar to the rest of Australia in that it has absorbed many influences from the migrants who have arrived at its shores. Thus, there is a fusion of South East Asian and Mediterranean influences with more traditionally Western style traditions. Cairns also draws on the natural environment for its sources, and there is an abundance of fresh seafood, native meats and locally produced fruit and vegetables.
Cairns café scene has seen a growth and whatever your preferences of coffee might be, the Cairns CBD has it covered. There is a myriad of healthy cafés that serves nutritious, fresh and tasty meals so you can eat and drink with good consciences and if you have a sweet tooth, don´t worry there are plenty of yummy treats on offer too. Esplanade is a great area to head for when looking for place to have a relaxing break, here you will find plenty of coffee shops scatter around the area and many with amazing sea views.
After a hard day trekking through the rainforest or diving on the reef, hit the town and share a few stories (and a few beers) with the crowds who converge on the city’s bars after dark. Everything to cocktail bars to pubs, clubs and nightclubs can be found by the waterfront and the CBD, many which are lined along Spence Street, forming a strip with some of the city’s best and wildest entertainment venues. So hit one of Cairns vibrant nightclubs where the party continues until the early morn and be prepared to have a fun night out!
If you are in the mood for shopping, Cairns has a great variety of shopping locations, everything from charming markets offering local products to shopping centres with all the latest and hippest fashion trends from well-known chain stores. There is also a bunch of boutiques providing international and Australian clothes for any occasion, for the beach or just for a night out in the town, they have it all, for every taste, style and budget, the retailers never seem to fail to deliver here in Cairns. Looking for the perfect souvenir to bring back home? There are stacks of shops in Cairns that offers all the typical Australian souvenirs from pearls and UGG boots to printed t-shirts, kangaroo leather products, Aboriginal paintings, boomerangs and opals. Check also the galleries for something a little more special like paintings, ceramics, glassware and sculpture to take home as a reminder of your trip in Cairns.
Cairns International Airport

Cairns International Airport

Cairns International Airport is located 7 km from Cairns CBD. Free taxi telephones are located in the arrival halls or just head over to the taxi ranks that are immediately outside the terminal. Pre-book or just turn up, the taxis and shuttles are always available. Cairns Taxis: +61 131 008, [email protected], Sun Palm Transport Group operates an airport shuttle bus service to hotels and the city centre including Palm Cove and Port Douglas. The pickup point is close to the arrival area of both terminals. Just head over to the shuttle bus counter and you will get help. No pre-booking is required. For more information, call or visit the website +61 7 4099 1191, Airport Connect is a bus service provided by Sun Palm Transport that links Cairns Airport with the Translink public transport network at north and southbound Sheridan Street bus stops. You can pre-book in advance on the Sun Palm Transport website or by phone on +61 7 4099 1191. Tickets can also be bought on arrival at the Sun Palm Transport counter in both terminals. Either way, you should head over to their counter where the staff will direct you to the bus. The bus will take you to the southbound side of Sheridan Street bus stop where you then can carry on your journey to your destination via the Translink public transport network., [email protected], Airport Connect: [email protected]

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