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Originally founded as a pearling port over 100 years ago, Broome today continues to produce the world’s finest pearls. The 22 kilometres of pristine white sand is called Cable Beach and was rated as one of the top beaches of the world. Not only sand and sea but also the natural phenomenon known as the Staircase to the Moon attract large numbers of visitors to this popular and unique tourist destination in Australia. Located just south of the equator, the town experiences a sub-tropical climate with warm sunny days and balmy nights. The dry season last from May to September and this is where visitors are taking the chance to explore the city as well as the Kimberly region. While the town has an interesting history pearling history, Chinatown in the heart of Broome continues to lure with its cosmopolitan character and pearl showrooms selling the best of the best to the public.
Broome is the gateway to the spectacular Kimberley Region, one of the world’s last frontiers. The town is surrounded by unspoilt wilderness of rugged gorges, waterfalls and Aboriginal rock art. Hence a special place for the Aboriginal people.
With the waters of the Indian Ocean lapping at its door and a multi-cultural population, Broome serves up some of the finest seafood menus likely to be found. Complementing the varied seafood options, there are also wood-fired pizzas, char-grills, pasta houses, prime organic beef and eateries specialising in modern Australian cuisine like crocodile, kangaroo and buffalo meats.
Broome, though a small town, has an energetic and colourful night scene. The nightlife reflects that the city attracts a great diversity of visitors from honeymooners, families and backpackers. Here you can find everything from cocktail bars to live gig venues featuring national and international artists that 'go off’ every night. Broome’s night scene is characterised by its relaxed and tropical atmosphere. The dress code is mostly casual and many venues are open till very late.
It is easy to find a beautiful, unique, inexpensive gift to take home from Broome. Art enthusiasts will take pleasure in wandering the art galleries. The traditional and contemporary artworks include many fantastic indigenous works, breath-taking photography and pottery. Crafts are perfected in soap and candle making, handcrafted sea shells and natural skin products.
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