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Waterville Valley was incorporated as a New Hampshire town in 1829. This naturally was well before the town became a veritable, year-round resort destination. Its position in the White Mountain National Forest attracted the attention of the accommodation industry, which possessed the foresight to realize the opportunity in Waterville Valley’s slopes, hills, mountains and lakes. Now much activity takes place in the self-contained Waterville Valley Resort. Guests of the resort are thereby given enticing access to instant outdoor adventures throughout the seasons. Go skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, play hockey and more during the winter. In the warmer months, enjoy hiking, fishing, biking, golf and tennis, attending carnivals and partaking in community picnics. There are also cultural centers aside from the Ski Area, including the Curious George Cottage and The Margret & H.A. Rey Center.
As a certifiable resort city, Waterville Valley offers everything under the sun when it comes to recreational activities and natural attractions. Fishing, hiking, biking, and bird watching can all be done in the White Mountain National Forest. The Waterville Valley Resort offers skiing and snowboarding, too, in the winter months. No matter what the season, though, you're sure to have a great time exploring this beautiful part of America.
Many of Waterville Valley's restaurants are found within the Waterville Valley Resort itself. For those seeking variety in their cuisine, venture outside the area to the nearby the cities of Woodstock, Ashland, Lincoln and others.
Both Town Square and the Waterville Valley Resort provide a comfortable supply of cafes to the town, with many other options in the surrounding towns and cities.
While the sole bar in Waterville Valley may be Legends 1291, there are still a collection of bars, pubs and taverns in the surrounding towns of Campton, North Conway, Lincoln and others.
Find any equipment, apparel or accessories you may need to take to the slopes and hills of Waterville Valley. The town is bursting at the seams with sporting goods stores, with several general apparel boutiques as well.
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