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From world-class dining and shopping, historical architecture, a hearty nightlife and picturesque beaches, the Tampa Bay Area offers a myriad of activities for travelers of all kinds. The 4th largest city in the Southern United States, the Tampa Bay Area encompasses primarily the cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater. These areas border beautiful Tampa Bay. Many vacationers flock to this region for its beaches. Clearwater Beach, one of the most popular, is a fun, bustling and bar filled area while on the other end of the continuum lays Honeymoon Island, a nature lover’s serene beach paradise. From scenic walks and shell collecting to bikini contests and beach volleyball. There is a beach suited to any preference and a restaurant or bar to match. On both the Tampa side and the St. Petersburg/Clearwater side of the bay, there is a wide variety of dining and evening activities. Many bars feature live bands and the casual ambience visitors are seeking from a Florida vacation. If a more sophisticated, reservations-only experience is your wish, there are seafood and steak choices to satisfy you.
In Tampa Bay, you can be just as busy as you choose to be. With concerts, art events and plays abounding, it is hard to decide which will occupy your weekends.
Tampa is, naturally, a given for outdoor enthusiasts. The all-year-round great weather has created the perfect setting for outdoor activities. At Tampa Bay, you can find some of the world’s highest rated pristine beaches, which makes for unbeatable beautiful sunsets. The Tampa Bay area also boasts a large number of Florida State Parks and Historic Sites. Hillsborough River State Park’s main feature is the noble river tumbling over Suwannee limestone, while Myakka River State Park is an excellent area for hikers to explore pine flatwoods, marsh land and swamp and a dry prairie.
Tampa Bay will always be associated with sports. Any time of year you’ll be able to enjoy a professional baseball, hockey, football or soccer game.
With water all around, fresh seafood is never a bad option in most Tampa Bay restaurants. There are also world-class steakhouses and Latin-influenced cuisine to suit palettes of all kinds.
Tampa has long been a destination to imbibe and socialize. In whatever part of Tampa Bay you find yourself, there is a bar to suit your needs.
The Tampa Bay Area gives shoppers many great options from which to choose. From large malls to smaller boutiques, this area is a shopping destination.
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