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The sunrise and sunset have formed an inseparable bond with Sedona: the city’s sandstone formations cavort with the sunlight in an unforgettable manner—the result of which leads to numerous photograph opportunities. Poets, writers, thinkers, lovers, scientists, and countless others have either made Sedona their permanent residence, or a permanent spot on their vacation itineraries. The love affair with Sedona dates back to early civilization. Paleo-Indians hunted big game in the area between 11500 and 9000 B.C., and prehistoric Archaic Indians hunted and gathered until 300 A.D. Rock art can still be found in areas around Sedona. The exceptionally creative Sinagua people entered Verde Valley following the Archaic Indians, leaving such art as pottery, basketry, and masonry behind. Their pueblos and cliff dwellings have remained in Montezuma Well, Honanki, Palatki, and Tuzigoot.
Sedona enjoys a unique position as one of not only Arizona's, but the Southwest's top vacation destinations. The appeal lies in its transcendent Red Rock Country, which has emerged as prime territory for vineyards, outdoor recreation, and meditative trails. See below and start your best vacation yet.
Yes, you are in the South of America, but that does not mean that you only have traditional steakhouses to choose from in Sedona. There are variety of chooses, everything from Italian fine dining, Mexican cantinas to Asian cuisine and that only scratches the surface. One of the more curious ingredients that the folks in Sedona use is cactus, yes the entire cactus. The 'prickly pear cactus' is in high demand in this area, they are used to make candy, tea, ice cream and even cocktails. The taste can be described as fruity, sweet but with a tangy aftertaste. Definitely worth a try!
With an astonishing view of the Red Rocks of the great state of Arizona, it makes sense that most cafes are located near the road. After a full day of sightseeing, you probably need a hot or cold beverage or a bite to eat. Luckily, Sedona has enough spots to grant all your wishes. You have the cafes, which offer good, old American comfort food, such as bacon, mac and cheese and let's not forget the mouthwatering smell of steak. But there are also plenty of cafes who offer vegan or vegetarian options. No one will be left out in this town!
Sedona is known for a great deal of amazing things to do, but nightclubs is not something that they are known for. But who needs nightclubs when you have a tremendous amount of bars to choose from? The locals like to visit the bars in the town too, which makes it perfect for you to get in contact with the Arizonians. Here in Sedona, they don't just offer wine tastings. They will provide you with an actual tequila tasting in one of their many tequila bars. Sounds fun right, just pop in, mingle with locals and enjoy an evening out.
Time for a Sedona shopping trip! As a premier art community, Sedona is a paradise where to shop art and craft, the galleries are full with local and international artwork, offering everything from traditional Western, contemporary Southwestern and Native American art. Beside art, the town is known for its jewellery incorporated with turquoise, which can be found in one of the many mines of Arizona. In almost every shop that you visit, you can catch a glimpse of the familiar blue coloured stone. Leather goods are items that can be found in the many shops too, just as much as turquoise. Leather is still stereotypical connected to the South of America and that can be seen in the Sedona shops. Why not get a traditional leather belt with a turquoise stone, the perfect souvenir of gift to bring back home!
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