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Phoenix has become an ever-blossoming metropolitan. Second only to Las Vegas in population growth since 2007, Phoenix has undergone substantial economic growth as a result. The success of its Downtown has seen countless stores, businesses, restaurants and entertainment venues opening in central Phoenix. Suffice to say, the city has made impressive strides since the tumultuous subprime mortgage crashes of 2008—seeking to rebuild itself time and time again in testament to its namesake. Not to be forgotten is Phoenix’s heavenly beauty. Canvas skies of rosy sunrises and tangerine sunsets begin and end each day in the city, and it would seem there aren’t enough hours to capture the natural splendor. Phoenix is a landscape of wonder and awe that calls to the adventurous of spirit and romantics of heart.
Adventures amidst the Sonoran Desert and a rich history create plenty to do in this fantastic city. Much of Phoenix's appeal lies with its natural beauty, from the tremendous mountains erected from the deserts to the museums that have captured the essence of Native Phoenix. There is more excitement beyond the trails and city streets, with an opportunity to see the Phoenix from the skies!
The grand Sonoran Desert and mountains serve as the vista for most dining facilities in Phoenix, making each experience a memorable one. The choices span intimate lounges, Western-style eateries, nationally renowned luxury restaurants and much more. There is more to Phoenix dining than the traditional Southwestern cuisine!
With a wealth of sunshine and activities, Phoenix also offers a respectable selection of cafes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner come standard, so take a break from the Valley of the Sun to bask in the aroma of coffee and ambiance of relaxation.
With sunrises that challenge a good Tequila Sunrise, Phoenix seems to be a horizon of options when it comes to enjoying the nightlife until the morning hours. A Western feel is generated in many of the venues, whether it be genuine saloons or trendy nightclubs. Most great bars and clubs are located in the scenic Scottsdale neighborhood.
There are plenty of options for the voracious shopper in Phoenix. But with the somewhat overwhelming selection, it helps to have a general idea of the best areas. The following includes Phoenix's best locations for all your shopping needs.
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