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The commencement of American history passes through Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If Washington D.C. represents modern America, then Philadelphia represents the foundation upon which the nation was built. The burgeoning identity of a young nation was crafted in the halls of Philadelphia’s buildings and fought for in its streets. With Philadelphia’s emergence as America’s first industrial city, it swiftly became a beacon of hope for an amalgam of cultures seeking reprieve from their respective situations. Irish immigrants sought to escape the Great Famine of the 1840s; peoples from Italy, Russia and Eastern Europe immigrated during the late 1800s; and Southern blacks moved to the city during the Great Migration. New railroads, canals and roads allowed for the influx of skilled workers and intellects from around the states and the world. Currently, the majority of development within Philadelphia occurs in University City and Center City, the business district. Transitioning from its days of industry and manufacturing, Philadelphia now boasts a glittering service industry. The City of Brotherly Love has thus become a substantial tourist destination.
Historical landmarks and beautiful scenery await visitors to Philadelphia. Its identity as a cultural epicenter has lent to an array of sights and memorable experiences for everyone. Fun may be found on land or on the water in the City of Brotherly Love.
Both traditional and BYOB restaurants line the streets of Philadelphia, giving way to the city's eclectic dining options. A melting pot of cultures means that Philadelphia is perfect for finding even the smallest of venues. Intimate riverfront views and spacious neighborhood grills are just two of the city's dining themes.
From traditional favorites like the Philly-style sandwiches to delicacies, Philadelphia cafes serve more than coffee and croissants. Good music, a friendly ambiance and great city views are some of the things to count on on a night out.
The night scene in Philadelphia meshes bars serving great craft beers and haute venues with panache. Comfy pubs, refined grilles, dance clubs and modern lounges give the city a new life in the after-hours.
Sweet confections, shopping malls, vogue boutiques and farmers markets are all found along the streets of Philadelphia. Many are conveniently located in Center City and its surrounding areas.
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