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The beautiful city of Nashville was founded in 1779 and is the second largest city in Tennessee, after Memphis. It is located on the Cumberland River in the north-central part of the state and makes it a great river city with a nice riverfront. Nashville is known as a center of the music industry, it is even called the "Music City" and has long been a cultural epicenter of the South. As the "home of country music", Nashville has become a major music recording and production center. When in Nashville you will be meet by friendly people and experience a vibrant university community since the city is home to numerous colleges and universities. Nashville has many attractions to keep you busy, from Country Music Hall of Fame and the admired Grand Ole Opry House to Johnny Cash Museum, historic buildings and sports. The city also offers a vibrant, ever-growing art scene with a variety of art museums, galleries, and performing arts institutions. With its fascinating mix of musical, historical and cultural flavors, Nashville is certainly a city for all seasons and styles.
Nashville, a vibrant city with plenty of attractions that will keep the tourist busy no matter the taste and interest. From musical attractions like the Johnny Cash Museum and Country Music Hall of Fame to professional sporting events including historical properties and gorgeous feats of nature, Nashville is bound to impress. A city not only creative in music but also have a countless art galleries, up-and-coming fashion scene, historic landmarks and a great food scene.
Not only known for its music scene, Nashville, has taken a giant step towards the culinary world, a city where the food scene is constantly booming and where food events are regularly hold. The creative spirit of the city is certainly reflecting its kitchens where everything from Southern fare to modern cuisine and everything in between is beautifully presented by the passionate chefs. Nashville truly offers something for every taste, and every nationality and region is represented on the plate. Some of the more popular types of local cuisine include hot chicken, hot fish, barbecue and meat. Come and find out why the emerging culinary scene has put Nashville on the gastronomic radar!
While in Nashville, start at the internationally acclaimed Bluebird Cafe. Not only is it featured in primetime shows like the eponymous "Nashville" but a wealth of country music's best stars have made its stage home on many occasions! From there, be sure to check out Music City's other great cafes where to enjoy a great cup of strong coffee or tea. The large variety of cafes spread across the city will show that there is more to the city than music.
Nightlife in Nashville is always brimming and the main focus is evidently on music. Music acts are hosted day and into the night and not only country music is played but also rock, swing blues and jazz. When in the party mood hit the downtown to the vibrant area of Broadway or Printer's Alley. Whether you're seeking to dance the night away, mingle with the friendly locals or have a cold beer, Nashville offers a wide selection of dance clubs, venues and bars, all you need to do is to put on your best pair of dancing shoes and be ready for a fun night out!
If shopping is your thing, don´t worry, Nashville has incredible shops and trendy shopping districts including shopping malls and fashion boutiques where to spend some money. At the big open-air malls you can easily spend a whole day and find basically everything you need. If you are looking for that unique item to bring back home, head over to the Music City Marketplace (located in the Regions Building) where you will find hand-selected products from local artisan boutiques and craftsmen. And of course when in Nashville, one visit to a record store is a must. Hit over to the Nashville's Lower Broadway, known as the Honky Tonk Highway, where some of the best shopping is to be found. The shops offers everything from home furnishings and local artisan merchandise to books, apparel, gifts and boots. It is also here The Johnny Cash Museum is located where the museum shop keeps everything from records, CDs, souvenirs to Johnny Cash merchandise. With the impressive array of shops, you will definitely not leave this fashion hot spot empty handed!
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