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Montgomery, Texas is the birthplace of the Lone Star Flag. It’s well worth mentioning again, seeing as Texans take their heritage quite seriously. The city’s history extends back to July of 1837, when W. W. Shepperd founded Montgomery within the Lake Creek Settlement. Shepperd joined with partner John Wyatt Moody to christen the settlement “Montgomery.” Moody drew inspiration from having served as County Clerk of Montgomery County in Alabama. The Lone Star Flag itself came into being when Dr. Charles B. Stewart was commissioned to design an official flag for the Republic of Texas. His copy of the drawing still can be found in the Nat H. Davis Museum.
For attractions and activities around Montgomery, Texas, look no further than the sparkling Lake Conroe. Much of Montgomery's appeal resides with the water sports and relaxation of Conroe's waters. Boat and equipment rentals are available, and there are even professional fishing services designed to show visitors the best spots on the lake. On land, enjoy golf and explore Montgomery's numerous historical sites.
Enjoy a variety of cuisines in Montgomery. While remaining true to its Texan heritage with prominent steakhouses, Montgomery also has Mexican, Asian, Italian, and a host of other ethnic foods.
Montgomery's creativity comes through in its cafes. There are refined continental cafes, as well as esteemed tea houses. No worries, though, there are traditional coffee houses too.
The La Torretta Lake Resort maintains a comfortable number of nightlife options in Montgomery, both lounges and bars. Sports bars and steakhouse saloons show all the games on big screen televisions, while smaller venues feature live music.
Apparel, antiques, home decor, custom jewelry, and Texas-style accessories comprise the shopping in Montgomery. There are quite a few independent boutiques, rather than large department stores and outlet malls. If seeking the larger outlets, it may be in your interest to head to Houston or Conroe.
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