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Mason is celebrating its bicentennial in 2015. Its long and vibrant history began when it was purchased in 1803 by Revolutionary War veteran William Mason. The town was originally named Palmira but was later renamed Mason when village officials found out there was another town named Palmyra in Ohio. For many years, Mason was a small farming town. Today, Mason is about 18 square miles in area and home to almost 500 businesses. Known as a business-friendly community, Mason is always ready to work with developers to create and maintain a beautiful community. Mason is also known as the resort area of Southwest Ohio. With plenty of attractions and museums, it's easy to see why.
When you visit Mason, you will notice there is no shortage of activities. Mason is home to the Golf Center at Kings Island, Great Wolf Lounge and Community Center, and Kings Island Amusement Park. Mason also has many festivals and celebrations every year that include the Western and Southern Open, the Mason Heritage Festival, and Christmas at Mason. There are also convention and seminars year-round at the Mason Community Center.
Mason is home to over 100 restaurants. This city's cuisine encompasses a variety of styles that include Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Asian. Mason has a dining experience for every taste.
Mason has over a dozen cafés to choose from. Many focus on using fresh ingredients. There are locally-owned selections in addition to locations from the national chains.
Mason has many bars and pubs. All offer delicious bar food–this isn't your regular bar food! Many bars have live entertainment.
Mason has over 100 shops. This means you know that you can find everything you could possibly need here. Whether you are looking for jewelry, gifts, or groceries, Mason has you covered.
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