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Founded in 1838, Kansas City played a crucial role in western expansion, as well as a center-point for trade and commerce. This development led to Kansas City becoming the sublime metropolitan city it is today. This city served as the hub of innovation and expansion for famous and beloved individuals. Walt Disney's first animations were created in Kansas City, where his Laugh-O-Gram Studio is located. Hallmark Card creator Joyce C. Hall expanded his business into the Crown Center of Kansas City, and many other famous innovators and business leaders have set up shop in the famed Crown Center. Kansas City also boasts the second highest number of fountains in the world, second only to Rome (although it is rumored to have even more fountains than Rome). You can't go far without seeing one of its over 250 beautiful fountains.
Kansas City is rich with museums and memorials that archive some of America's great historical accomplishments. The city also houses some of the most beautiful musical halls and theaters that will leave an awe-inspiring impression on those who enter. Crown Center, filled with shops, hotels, and attractions galore, should be a keynote destination for any visitor in this lovely metropolitan city.
Some of the best barbecues in the nation is in Kansas City. With over 100 barbecue restaurants to choose from, there is no shortage of restaurants that serve authentic, urban, Midwestern, flavor.
Kansas City features many cafes with exquisite and unique coffees and drinks. Whether you're there to soak up some nice scenery, a nice meal, or simply a nice cup of joe, Kansas City's various cafes are sure to meet your needs.
Sporting some of the largest casinos in the Midwest and some of the largest in the United States, Kansas City best kept secret may be the casino choices. With casinos such as the Ameristar, Hollywood, and the Isle of Capri, Kansas City has a bountiful nightlife full of fun and activity!
The Crown Center, Country Club Plaza, and the River Market are just a few of the many luxurious shopping centers in Kansas City. These multi-story malls are filled with movie theaters, skating rinks, concerts, and a plethora of fun activities and festivals that the whole family can enjoy.
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