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In the wake of the California Gold Rush, prospectors hoped to strike their own reserve of wealth and riches in the streams of the Rocky Mountains and the South Platte River. Today citizens of Denver have riches worth far more than precious metal. They have a prosperous city inlaid in horizons of prairie fields and the mighty Rockies mountainside. As a part of America’s pioneering history, Denver is riddled with historical elements. The Colorado Railroad Museum showcases the city’s tenacity in constructing an entirely citizen-built rail system, which connected Denver to the transcontinental railroad. Remnants of the Wild West can be found in areas like the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, allowing visitors to step into the Old Western lifestyle. Other landmarks of esteem include the world’s largest single producer of coins, the Denver Mint. Laden with parks, trails, gardens, museums, and districts, Denver is a tributary of its citizens. Taking an active interest and pride in their city’s evolution, Denverites even approved a sales tax in 1988 that would go to maintaining Denver’s cultural and scientific facilities—a tax still implemented today. Don’t be fooled, though, for the city knows how to relax and show its citizens and visitors a good time. This is evidenced by Denver being the largest brewer of beer in the country.
As a city crafted among the natural wonders of the Rocky Mountains and High Plains, much of Denver’s appeal resides in exploring its ethereal beauty. It possesses a rich cultural and geographical history, both of which are created via Denver's plethora of museums and natural trails. Denver offers attractions for all ages: the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, with its dinosaur exhibits, Space Odyssey, digital planetarium and IMAX theater; the Denver Performing Arts Complex, home to 10 venues offering theater, opera, symphony, ballet and Broadway touring shows; History Colorado Center, telling the stories of the past through people and places; Denver Botanic Gardens, a lush oasis in the middle of the city; the Denver Art Museum, with its acclaimed American Indian and Western art collections; and the Clyfford Still Museum, showcasing the work of this American abstract expressionist. Learn more at:
The city’s farm-to-table epicenter, Larimer Square buzzes with outdoor dining and a twinkling canopy of lights. Denver Union Station – the city's elegant transit hub – is a foodie destination as well. The historic building houses many restaurants and bars, including Mercantile Dining & Provision, a unique restaurant-market combination. Learn more at:
One simply cannot find a better setting for enjoying a good cup of coffee than Denver’s many mountainside cafes. Some cafes solely specialize in serving breakfast, so rest assured that breakfast is taken seriously at such establishments. The usuals, such as coffee and tea, are something that you can, of course, expect to find in any single one of them.
Denver is a city rife with expectation of having a good time. Its nightlife delivers on the unspoken promise with its South of Colfax nightlife district, as well as the Larimer Square clubs & bars. Denver has an eclectic, even sultry mix of venues for your after-daylight adventures. They brew more beer in the Denver Metropolitan area than in any other city in the USA. The beer culture is relaxed, fun and innovative. Microbreweries take advantage of Colorado’s pure mountain water to produce over 200 different beers every day. From jazz lounges to sports bars, nighttime on the mountainside beckons. Learn more at:
The backdrop of stupendous mountain ranges only adds to the well-maintained, well-equipped shopping centers and districts of Denver. Many are incredibly walker- and biker-friendly, making the shopping experience not only a happy one, but a healthy one as well. Try the high-end Cherry Creek Shopping District, with both indoor and outdoor options, and the 16th Street Mall, where you’ll find all of your favorite American brands. If a unique, local shopping experience is your thing, then check out the boutique shops at Larimer Square right in the heart of downtown. You’ll find a range of high-quality and distinctive local designers offering clothing, accessories, jewelry, wine, chocolate, home goods, and salon and spa services. Learn more at:
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