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Blaine was first settled in the mid-nineteenth century by pioneers who established the town as a seaport for logging and fishing industries. The world's largest salmon cannery, which as been converted to a waterfront destination, is located here. Many saw mills were operated in Blaine, and much of the lumber manufactured in the area was transported to San Francisco to rebuild after the 1906 fire. Today Blaine's two largest marina are still home to hundreds of sailboats and yachts. Local fisherman still fish the waters for fresh crab, salmon, and oysters. Being a coastal location, nature lovers have always appreciated Blaine.
Blaine has plenty of recreational activities for the whole family. Visitors can enjoy scenic hiking trails, watching birds of the region, bicycling, visiting the public pier and fish, or kayaking in the ocean. If nature isn't your thing, Blaine offers year round world class golfing.
Blaine has many different types of cuisine. Being close to the ocean and with ample fishing vessels, seafood is a must, though tastes for varying palate can be found. From Thai, steakhouses, diners, American, and fast food, Blaine has something for everyone.
Need a little pick up after all the sightseeing in Blaine? Blaine has you covered! Coffee, espressos, smoothies and much more are offered at Blaine's cafés, as well as fantastic food.
The fun at Blaine doesn't stop when the sun goes down and the birds stop singing. Blaine has a fabulous night life that you will want to explore. Bars, grills, and a winery make for a great evening out on the town.
With three major shopping centers, Blaine has everyone covered. If you like the crowds and hustle and bustle of deal hunting, or prefer smaller, unique boutique shops, you can find it all. Make sure to pick up some alpaca wool apparel or special souvenir.
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