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Welcome to San Juan one of the most authentic, relaxed and sunniest spots around and the top destination in Central America. The exquisite views, dramatic bluffs and wave sculptured coves will draw you in at first. Then you'll find it's time to discover the vibrant surfing scene, the recreational opportunities in the backcountry, the seafood restaurants on the beach, excursions on horseback or canopies, the volunteering opportunities to make a difference, and the welcoming personality of a small fishing families set on perfect crescents of sand at each coastal community. Its the affordable, unpretentious, and eye-catching environment and the casual, unassuming lifestyle of a cultural melting pot found within its large city that is rapidly putting itself on the map as Nicaragua's most important lifestyle destination. Apart from seasonal cruise ship schedule that anchors in the half-moon bay, and seasonal high-energy events, the U.S. reality show "Survivor" being shot here, this is not a coast indicative of posh mega-resorts, sun-blocking high risers, air-conditioned buses packed with camera-toting tourists, and high-ticketed purchases. San Juan de Sur with its brightly painted wooden or mud brick homes, and red tin roofs retains a refreshingly rustic charm that draws in visitors seeking a low-key affordable spot that pushes flash without substance. The town still has some rough edges and unlike many other tropical getaways, has few hidden fees for those unnecessary services. San Juan del Sur also has a rich history still yet to be discovered. Documental roots stretch back to the 16th century when Spanish conquistadors made use of the protected anchorage Then in the mid-1800 San Juan del Sur’s days was part of the transit route serving the gold rush community and enticed Mark Twain to visit. San Juan later became the single most important port for exporting lumber, cattle, cheese, and fish. Even a train station once existed on the beachfront connecting it with major cities of Nicaragua. So bring some comfy walking shoes, select your level of comfort, splash on suntan lotion, and explore away.
Every month San Juan del Sur is active with a varied program of culture, music, sports, festivals, fashion, etc. Many of their holidays are celebrated with parades, cultural dances, and late night fireworks and live music. Weekly, restaurants and hotels invite cultural icons and other talent to please the audience. Surfing, baseball, boxing, and bicycling events are commonplace throughout the year. Here are a list of just 5 events occurring in the next few weeks.
San Juan del Sur has recently seen an influx of brave and posh backpackers, nicknamed 'mochileros', simply because the city is full of many things to explore and do. From swimming with the dolphins, zip-lining at 80 kilometers, merengue dancing, connecting with the community, ATV treading to Ostional Beach, surfing Maderas, wet and wild on the pool crawl, or planting trees in the tropics. Before you leave this city (and this world) you are destined to complete some or all your things in your bucket list.
Snorkeling through coral reefs, exploring ancient ruins, hiking in forests, shopping at local outdoor markets -- all of these shoreside activities are as much a part of the cruise experience as enjoying the onboard amenities of your ship. Indeed, half the fun of taking a cruise is exploring exciting new places. If all you want to do is walk around town, shop or visit the beach, it could be much cheaper and less time-consuming to use the Arrival guide and go it on your own. For instance, in San Juan del Sur, the beach, the shops, the old church, and the market are a stone's throw from the ship, Some notable landmarks and active tourism activities are only a cab ride away. that are more affordable than reserving with the ship-sponsored shore excursion office. Don't forget about arranging your own transportation, too. In San Juan del Sur, there are on-site car rentals or rental agency pickups. You can easily use a combination of local buses, taxis, bicycles, and ATVs to get around.
San Juan del Sur has a large array of activities for adventure, youthful folly, water and physical sports, fine cuisine, and nature exploration. Planning ahead might not be necessary. Surfing, tasty dishes, weekly cultural dance events, funky boutique shops, ecotourism, beach and pool fun, night clubs, horseback, community connection, zip line, turtle hatchlings, and diving are samples of the see and do venue provided. Mornings can start with the rainbows and coffee 20 miles south in the hills at O Parks, WildLife & Recreation, and finish your days agenda with brilliant sunsets at beach Majagual 20 miles north.
San Juan del Sur has a wide range of accommodation to suit every need and budget, from cheap B&Bs, home-stays and hostels to five-star eco-resorts. Atypical of many beachfront escapes, San Juan del Sur is void of national and international hotel chains. It has many unique hotels and hostels renowned for their quirky interiors, remarkable histories, famous guests and stunning modern and sustainable designs. Living with the locals are common practice. Connect with your style of slumber and creature comforts with our suggestions below, just a sample of the huge amount of accommodation options available in San Juan del Sur.
While the legendary seafood restaurants are still popular among locals and tourists alike, getting adventurous with cuisines is where the real fun begins. Two words sum up the philosophy of most food in San Juan del Sur–fresh and local. Each restaurant adds its own flair to its cuisine, and, because of the city's rich cultural diversity, there is also a variety of authentic world cuisine available. With so many new establishments opening daily, everybody’s got to have a niche to distinguish their place from the rest. You’ll be amazed at the variety of international cuisine from dinners to desserts in San Juan del Sur. It’s consumer heaven for those who like lots of options.
There is always something going on in San Juan del Sur, with a varied program of culture, music, sports, festivals, fashion, etc. Many of their holidays are celebrated with parades, cultural dances, and late night fireworks and live music. Weekly, restaurants and hotels invite cultural icons and other talent to please the audience. Surfing, baseball, boxing, and bicycling events are commonplace throughout the year.
San Juan del Sur rivals the world where it can boast a dozen gently-sloping beaches with waves for surfing, some calm and inviting, and pleasant temperatures for swimming in any season. Each year they receive great ratings from visitors about the quality, safety, cleanliness and amenities. All the beaches have a privileged west-facing position providing long hours of sunshine every day and an awesome sunset.
Nothing beats a good vacation to bring the rush of romance back into our lives. It’ll create new memories and make your lives more exciting together. Every day can be Valentine's Day in San Juan del Sur. Romantic couples can share dancing, candlelight dinner, massages, visit an adventure park, getaway on ATVs, do something swashbuckling, surprise them with their favorite drink, or create an album of photos and videos while soaking up beautiful views of the city and landscape together.
The moment you entire San Juan del Sur, it is quickly apparent that there is a highly energetic place. And this energy gets expressed by the high volume of surfing shops, large open trucks piled with beach fun and canopy enthusiasts, and a baseball soccer field in nearly every small community. Common events include skateboarding, boxing, kickboxing, paddleboarding, and cross country cycling. Gyms and beach fitness classes are spotted in the city for training in the tropics.
It's easy to find bliss in sunshine and warm breezes, particularly when you've made that retreat from winter's frosty edge or finished that big work assignment. San Juan del Sur have places that take you beyond relaxed. Here are a some spas, parlors and yoga retreats—some splurges and some saves—in beautiful settings where you can opt to be stretched, massaged, cocooned and cared for guilt free by certified professional masseurs, or stretch, arch, and breath with guru yoga instructors. In these places, nurturing health and well-being, quieting the spirit, and pampering yourself are providing you a means to a blissful end.
San Juan del Sur's nightlife has something for all ages and all tastes. Unwind after work at a relaxing lounge bar, or why not try new beers and innovative drinks at one of the many bars. Macua is nicaragua's own drink, and Flor de Cana is the country's rum. From thumping house to cool jazz to merengue San Juan del Sur has a club scene befitting its young, dynamic eclectic image. Bold and innovative, you won’t leave until the early hours of the morning. The choice is yours.
San Juan del Sur is blessed with year-round tropical weather, so don’t be surprised to see wide open, tin or thatched roofed eateries for you to enjoy the sun, and most importantly, a cooling fruit smoothie. Or clear your head and start your day with a cup of coffee or espresso at one of quirky cafes, eatery boutiques, market healthy food parlors awash all over the city. There's something for every budget too. There's more to a "café" than just coffee. Whether you're craving a cup of joe, a fantastic pastry, or a unique tasty dish, there's a cafe for you. See the assortment of delicious selections represented by many nations. Here are a few popular spots for refreshment.
Options for transportation from the airport are shuttle services, taxis, car rentals and riding the bus. San Juan del Sur has more and specialised beach transports including rentals for ATVs, motorcycles, and bicycles, horse carriage, and of course wide sidewalks. In addition, any of the accommodations in town provide beach and resort shuttles.
San Juan del Sur has been home to artists, soldiers, filibusters, religious leaders, gold rushers, pirates and thinkers who have achieved international influence or even infamous reputation. Their birthplaces, homes, or critical battles sites are now fascinating museums, hotels, or long forgotten and partially hidden beneath undergrowth, Monuments have been built throughout the city. Artifacts like half-buried colossal anchors and deep ocean shipwrecks behind still remain conjuring up legends. There are many hidden and perhaps unprepossessing places in which are definitely worth a visit! Here are a few landmark and unique spots that should definitely be included on a trip to San Juan del Sur.
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