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Welcome to Puerto Plata, a Caribbean city soaked with sun and culture. The streets of this vibrant city come to life with warmth and character. Stroll downtown to meet the amiable Dominican people and have a cold beer and you’re sure to be smiling soon. Unwind on the northern shore, taking in white sand beaches overlooking crystal clear waters, or plan an adventure to the top of 2,600 foot Mount Isabel de Torres. After a long day at play, enjoy a romantic dinner for two over fresh caught seafood and a glass of red wine. Falling asleep to the rolling waves reminds you that it begins all over again come morning.
Unwind on the beautiful beach, or enjoy some adventure in the water or on the top of the mountain. There is enough to do in Puerto Plata to make a perfect vacation. You will for sure find some activities to do that suit your taste.
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