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With its tropical wildlife and outdoor adventures, Costa Rica is a traveler’s paradise. Whether you’re interested in discovering a diverse fauna with big cats, curious birds and colorful fish or want to dive into the rainforest flora, the Central American region offers visitors an outstanding glimpse on nature. While the city of San Jose might provide a big contrast to its green surroundings, the cultural and political capital is well worth exploring. Between grey buildings and a hectic urban life, you will find a number of art galleries, historic monuments and market areas that make your visit unforgettable. However, if you feel the need to get out of the city, San Jose gives you easy access to beaches, mountain hikes and national parks nearby.
Whether you want to experience urban city life full of art, museums for young and old, historic buildings or are looking for a nature adventure, San Jose is your ideal starting point. Take a day-tour through the local forest regions or hike the nearby mountains. An exciting city life and unique nature make your stay unforgettable.
Rice, vegetables, most of all black beans, and fruit are on the daily menu in San Jose. In fact, the Central American cuisine offers you a healthy and delicious choice of dishes. The city center is full of small cafes, cozy restaurants and lovely eateries and lets you experience the taste of Costa Rica.
Many street cafes invite for a quick refreshment or extended break on a full day of sightseeing. Grab an ice cream cone as you stroll by or sit down for a snack in the afternoon. You will find yourself among happy locals and friendly travellers in the city center and downtown San Jose.
From Jazz Cafes to dance clubs and beer pubs, San Jose offers visitors a diverse selection of nightlife entertainment. You will experience vibrant street life and exciting music culture with events for every taste. Hangout with some friends in the pub around the corner or check out the hottest disco in town - you won't be disappointed!
Carvings from polished coconut wood, colourful bead bracelets and hand-made ceramics count to popular souvenirs from Costa Rica. Jewelry and skillfully woven fabrics can be bought at the various markets in the city center and will delight friends and family.
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