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Nassau is best known as a vibrant city where you can choose your own pace and vacation style to suit your frame of mind. Its bouncing jitneys, colorful pirate history, and candy colored government buildings co-exist with ultra-modern resorts that enchant everyone. From backpackers to luxury travelers, it's time for sun, sand, and sea as you kick back and discover the many attractions in Nassau.
The good weather makes it easy to visit attractions year round. The Bahamas has plenty of different sights to charm you–whether it is the nature, art, history, shopping, or the people.
In the mood for fresh seafood, succulent meats or Bahamian traditional favorites? Perhaps you’d like to see today’s fresh selection of rock lobster, snapper and conch. Nassau provides some of the finest dining with endless possibilities.
Nassau nightlife finds visitors headed for the casinos or beach bars for an evening of music and gaming. Many resorts offer superb casino entertainment, bars, and nightclubs.
The Bahamas provides its visitors with every shopping experience imaginable. Nassau’s duty-free status makes it popular for buying luxury items. The Bahamas are famous for handicrafts, paintings, sea treasure, blown glass, Conch shell jewelry and Junkanoo art. Practice your bartering skills while witnessing local artisans at work.
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