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Among a number of local legends from Nottinghamshire are the literary geniuses Lord Byron and D.H Lawrence. International fashion designer Paul Smith set up his flagship store in the heart of the city where he was born, and Jesse Boot established his first chemist store ‘Boots’ in Nottingham, which soon became a household name across Britain. Robin Hood, the world’s most notorious outlaw, has also awarded the city international fame, and if you are a fan of the hero who stole from the rich to give to the poor, there are many Robin Hood related things to do and see in Nottingham. Nottinghamshire’s castles, caves and cathedrals are just the start of the county’s cultural heritage. Nottingham was once the world capital of lace production during the 18th and 19th century. The area famous for lace production – The Lace Market – is now a protected heritage site boasting stunning examples of industrial architecture from the 1700's. Scattered along the cobbled streets are also some of Nottingham’s most popular bars, restaurants and shops.
In Nottingham, a city with many exciting attractions, you can hear legendary tales of Robin Hood and experience Sherwood Forest, look at old castles and learn history from the museums. You will certainly find plenty of things to do while visiting this town and it will keep you busy with famous sites, art and culture and shopping.
Nottingham has recently received well-deserved attention and acclaim for its booming restaurant scene. The city prides itself on its culinary culture and even hosts one Michelin-starred restaurant. Reputed to offer the biggest and best variety of restaurants in Britain for serving food from all around the world, Nottingham is indeed a food lover’s dream come true.
Notthingham has plenty of cafés to satisfy every need and appetite and varied enough to cater for every taste or pocket. You will find large chain stores like Caffé Nero and smaller family run cafés like French Living. If you are feeling hungry or have craving for something sweet, just make a visit to some of these cafés.
With an extensive choice of trendy late night bars, Nottingham is a party animal’s first choice. Many people travel to Nottingham just to sample the city’s happening nightlife. With the large number of university students in residence, it is no surprise that Nottingham has a big clubbing culture. Venues range from cool to kitsch, so whatever your music taste, there will be a club in Nottingham for you.
High up on your to-do list should be to indulge in some retail therapy, as Nottingham is renowned throughout Britain for its legendary shopping experience and earned a fine reputation when it comes to style. Here you will find everything from big brand names to unique small retailers offering you a great mix of fashion. What also should be mention is the well-known fashion designer Sir Paul Smith, who was born in Nottingham, has set up his flagship store here in Nottingham and should not be missed. The main shopping areas in the town centre are all conveniently within walking distance from each other, but for a compact shopping experience you can head to the two main shopping centres – The Victoria Centre and the Broadmarsh Centre. If you fancy a trip out of town for a more ‘local’ experience, why not take your pick from Nottinghamshire’s many market towns: Mansfield, Southwell, Newark, Worksop or Retford.
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