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There are many reasons to love Basel and its people.
Basel can look back on over 2,000 years of history, surrounding you for every step you take in this beautiful city. History is certainly alive, offering an exhilarating contrast to the modernity established in every corner of the city. In bygone times Even before our era, the Celts settled in Basel. The strategic location drew the Romans to station their armies on Münster Hill in 30 B.C. After this, events in the middle ages left their impression on the city, in particular, that of the Church Council and the founding of Switzerland’s first university in 1460. In Erasmus of Rotterdam’s time, this city of humanists was a center of book printing and paper production. The reformation then brought silk weaving and dying, which preceded the pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Now Today, this once fortified settlement is a center for life sciences, as well as for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and also has important companies in the logistics, transport and financial field. Additionally, Basel is the most important location for trade fairs and congresses in Switzerland, and, with its 200,000 inhabitants, one of the cities with the highest quality of life worldwide.
More events than days in a year. In fact, it doesn’t really matter when you are in Basel, there are unique events throughout the year. There’s always something on in Basel. The largest carnival in Switzerland, the most important art fair in the world, a renowned ATP tournament, a fun fair with a history of more than 550 years and much more. Basel’s events can often only be described in superlatives. Throughout the year, there are numerous special highlights. And Basel calls itself “Switzerland’s football capital”, nearly no other club has such frenetic fans. Actually, you should just stay in Basel for 365 days, because the choice is really not easy. Here you will find an overview of the most important events. So you will know what’s on and you can plan for it.
You don’t need to search for the sights in Basel. As you wander through the city, you will find them with every step you take. Whether you are in the picturesque Old Town or in the midst of world class architecture – the city offers something for every taste.
Basel is an epicurean delight with some exquisite gourmet restaurants serving delicious regional dishes. Due to the proximity of water, fish features heavily on the menus of many restaurants - ask for the Basel salmon, a local recipe that will leave you hungering for more. Also, be sure to sample the traditional Swiss dish Rosti, a potato dish that has a simple elegance to it and is delicious washed down with a cold beer. Proscht!
After a hard days cultural sightseeing, kick back in one of Basel’s many bars. Whatever your scene – be it the chilled vibes of the piano bar or the sound of heavy rock – there’s a watering hole for you to wallow in! Basel’s nightlife is as eclectic as the futuristic buildings that inhabit the city. Don your glad rags and get ready for some 21st century grooves.
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