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Perhaps it is the “small metropolis” feeling, rich in contrasts, that makes so many people feel at home in Växjö. Multicultural, youthful and do ahead. Growing so that it strains at the seams. Despite a high tempo, there is also time for calm and reflection. It’s the contrasts that define the town of Växjö. On the one hand, lively pulse, shopping and entertainment and on the other, charming alleyways, cobblestones and red cottages. There is something to do for both big and small here – from a cathedral with roots in the 12th century to a modern skatepark in the middle of town, from Sweden’s best wine cellar to peaceful fishing trips only a stone’s throw from the main street.
It is easy to discover Växjö. We often say that you can reach everything within 15 minutes. You are close to everything, for example the Linneaus garden, Sweden's Glass Museum, the Swedish Emigrant Institution, and you can easily walk between the city's different sights. On your walk you will almost certainly do some shopping and rest your feet at one of Växjö's many cafés and restaurants. Or just take a pause on one of the benches beside Lake Växjö. For more activities in Växjö visit
In Växjö international conferences, national Eurovision Song Contest competitions and Swedish Championship finals mix with smaller local events. The modern arena city with stadiums for floorball, ice hockey, football and athletics are all world class. Rich and varied concert and cultural offerings with a number of different festivals in central Växjö contribute to an exciting atmosphere all year around.
Växjö´s many restaurants offer food from all corners of the world. The surrounding lakes, forests and meadows are a huge stockpile for all those who appreciate Småland gastronomy. Some of the restaurants are so good that their trophy cabinets are full of honours from the White Guide and other prominent restaurant guides. But Växjö is also a coffee break town where you are never far away from a classic patisserie. The oldest patisserie was founded in 1876 and is still run today by descendants of the founder, Johan Broqvist. Sweden’s biggest food market is arranged annually in Växjö and the city has been awarded the distinction of being the Gastronomic Capital of the Year, by the Swedish government. When it comes to gastronomic experiences there are few places to match Växjö.
When being in Växjö and Sweden you will learn that fika (“coffee breaks”) is essential. In Växjö you will find old traditional cafés and modern coffee places. The Napoleon pastry (Cream Slice) was born almost 150 years ago at Växjö´s oldest patisserie Broqvists konditori.
Public transportation

Public transportation

Public transport in Växjö is bus. Most buses depart from, or pass the travel center (“resecentrum”). There is also a customer center connected to the travel center. For a number of years, city buses will not pass or stay at the travel center due to the rebuilding and development of the area. City buses will instead depart from Kronobergsgatan in Växjö. TICKETS You can buy a ticket in the following ways: - On the bus (by credit or cash. If paying by cash, an additional fee will be charged). - Mobile ticket through the app “Länstrafiken Kronoberg”. Available in App Store and Google Play. - Travel cards (available as discount cards and periodic cards). You can buy the travel card on board the bus, at Länstrafikens customer center or other sales outlets. VISITOR TICKETS There is also a visitor ticket that suits you as a tourist or temporary visitor, who wants to do several bus or train journeys during your stay. The visitors ticket is valid in Växjö city traffic and for the whole county during 24 or 72 hours. Visitor tickets for Växjö city traffic is available on board the bus, at the customer center located in Växjö travel center and at other sales outlets. You can buy a visitor ticket for the whole county at the ticket machines at the train stations. GOOD TO KNOW - If there is space, you can bring a regular two-wheeled bike by train and in the regional traffic. - Bike is not allowed on the city buses. - You can bring a stroller without charge if there is space on the bus. The driver decides if there is room. - You are not allowed to drink alcohol on buses, trains, in waiting rooms or weather shelters. Click on the connecting link for timetables and travel planner.



By train you can easily reach Växjö. Växjö train station lies in the central parts and is directly connected to the city center. From the city center you can continue your journey by bus. Malmö ≈ 2 hours Gothenburg ≈ 3 hours Stockholm ≈ 3,5 hours Copenhagen/Copenhagen Airport ≈ 2,5 hours TICKETS At SJ you can book your train ticket – they lists all available train journeys. Other train companies in Sweden: - Snälltåget - Öresundståget - Krösatåget - Länstrafiken Kronoberg Note! You can not buy tickets on board the trains. GOOD TO KNOW - Please note that you can not buy tickets on board the trains, this applies to all distances operated by SJ and Öresundståg. If you are unsure, check with the train company. - Ticket machines for payment with Länstrafiken’s travel card (valid on Öresundståg) and Swedish and international credit cards are available at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, and Hovedbanegården in Denmark. - Remember to investigate with each train company what applies to their journeys for luggage and bicycles. On Öresundståget you can bring your bike as long as there is space. There is room for maximum of nine bicycles per train, in the low-floor part in the middle of the train. Buy a bicycle ticket in the ticket machine at the station. At SJ, you can bring a folding bike in a bicycle bag. - All Öresundståg have well-functioning mobile connection installed, which allows you to surf on your own mobile network and talk on mobile with the same performance as outside the train. There is no wifi on the Öresundståg. All SJ high-speed trains have 4G for quick connection.

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