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In Southern Dalarna, it is easy to have fun. There's plenty to discover and do - all year round, whatever the season. Sports, music, culture and breathtaking natural beauty - why choose? Here you will find everything. Here you see what is going on and can pre-book part of your stay now.
Southern Dalarna is a province where nature dominates but we do have towns too. Do a spot of shopping, have a coffee, or just experience small-town Swedish life.
For the sociable traveler, there is the option of a nice hostel. This can be a good choice for the economically oriented travelers – rent a bed and share bathroom, living room and perhaps a kitchen with potentially good friends in the making? All the hostels presented here come from SVIF – the Swedish Youth Hostels in Cooperation, although each hostel is run according to their own principles.
Falu Prison Youth Hostel, Svif, Falun

Falu Prison Youth Hostel, Svif, Falun

Welcome to Falu Prison Youth Hostel and Conference Centre. This 150-year-old former prison in Falun has now been transformed into an unusual youth hostel, where you can spend the night in the original, now modernized, barred cells. The prison was built between 1842 and 1848 and was in operation between 1849 and 1995. Over the years the prison was rebuilt and refurbished many times but the exterior of the building remains almost unchanged. The prison was renovated and rebuilt as a youth hostel in 2000. Besides the youth hostel we also have a conference centre and meeting rooms. In the prisoners' dining room we can serve refreshments to order and organize parties. In an attempt to make the history of the prison and correctional treatment more well-known, we now offer guided tours, have a display of 600 pieces dating back to between 1850 and 1995 and a museum cell furnished and decorated as it would have been in 1850, shortly after the prison opened. The museum is the work of former prison guard Jan Forsberg. Falu Prison Youth Hostel offers unusual and exciting accommodation in a captivating setting that will give you a genuine idea of how the inmates lived. There are two floors with a total of 86 beds in 1, 2, 3 or 4-bed cells. There are communal toilets and a ladies' and men's shower on each floor and a handicap-friendly room with ensuite shower and toilet on the ground floor. There is a laundry room with a washing machine and drying cabinet and on each floor there is a fully equipped guest kitchen for self-catering. We serve a breakfast buffet in the prison canteen. You can rent sheets and towels from us or bring your own.

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