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There is a lot to see and do in the Lake Siljan Area. Here is just a small sample of what we have to offer.
What is going on? From small-scale events such as barn dance to world events Vasaloppet - Siljan delivers events of high class, every day, year round.
Close to Siljan means close to everything: all of the villages lie within a short distance of each other so it´s never far to the next activity. Here we present a small variety of what there is to see and do in the area. We already know that a visit to the Siljan district is something extraordinary. Now it´s your turn to discover it for yourself.
The Lake Siljan region offers a vaste variety of taste experiences. Browse among the district's local delicacies such as "tuttul" from Rättviks Flatbread Bakery, sausages from Siljan Chark and Leksand Crispbread . Enjoy the food from beautifully situated restaurants overlooking Lake Siljan and the blue mountains!
Trendy craftsmanship traditions In the Lake Siljan area proud traditions of craftsmanship such as parish costumes and Dala horses live side by side with modern design. Old as new - most of it is created with inspiration from our beautiful landscape. So step into the workshops, forges, shops and ateliers and buy products of high quality!
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