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Just imagine, throughout the year our mountainsides are shared by berry-pickers, walkers, cyclists and skiers. Snow-covered birch trees, willow bushes and lingonberries create great forest skiing for youngsters in the winter, and are also home to real delicacies for mushroomers in the autumn. You’ll feel at home in Sälenfjällen – whether the landscape is dressed in white and your walking boots, fishing rods, bikes and canoes have been replaced by skis, sledges and snowboards, or it is the height of summer and you’re enjoying games and bathing in our lakes and streams. This is a place where children can roam freely and enjoy themselves. If you need a break from all these outdoor activities, there’s plenty to choose from: adventure pools, cinemas, chocolate massage, indoor surfing, or why not some shopping or a visit to one of our nine White Guide restaurants. At the end of the day you can sleep soundly in one of our many types of accommodation – we offer four-star hotels, cabins, apartments, hostels and campsites. Choose what best suits you! This is a place where it’s easy to feel at home.
To do in Malung & Sälen What are you looking for? Adrenaline kicks, magnificent nature, genuine handicraft or hot party nights? The range of activities on offer in Dalarna satisfies all tastes all year round. Are you an adventurous and restless soul, culture- and knowledge-seeking or just looking for peace and quiet? Dalarna has what you are looking for
In malung-Sälen you can also have fun without skis. For the daredevils among you, you can try a snow-scooter safari at the tops of the mountains, or ice-carting (go-carting on ice) with the wind whistling around your ears. To better experience the vast mountainous expanses, choose a hours or dog-drawn sledge ride, or come riding in the wilds, which also includes an overnight stay.
Sälenfjällen has a wide range of restaurants, many of which use local ingredients and have traditional Swedish cuisine as their basis, while others focus on other culinary cultures. We also have nine of the best restaurants in the Swedish mountains, according to the White Guide. “The best restaurants in the mountains can now compete with those in the big cities. Over the year, quality has really moved upward. The most successful restaurants are thinking more about the guests’ experience, with better service and memorable moments. Increasing numbers are working more with local suppliers and regional produce, which is great to see. Another clear trend is that more restaurants are investing in staying open during other seasons,” says Mikael Mölstad, one of the founders of the White Guide. The nine White Guide restaurants in Sälenfjällen: Appetito Ristorante Italiano, Fjällis Mat & Vin, Fågelboet, Gammelgården, Gustav Grill & Bar, Lammet & Grisen, Olarsgården, Onkel Jean and SeaFoodBar. Eating and drinking in Sälenfjällen is an experience in itself, and is so much more than just discovering new flavours. Locally-produced beer is supplied by our own brewery, Sälens Fjällbryggeri. Take a snowcat up the hill to a cabin on the summit, and savour the views and the food. Visit one of our classic waffle huts that use their own traditional recipes and continue to serve waffles up on the mountainside. And a take-out pizza tastes even more delicious in the warmth of your cabin. Most restaurants have children’s buffets and it’s even possible to have food delivered to your doorstep, by ordering food boxes with ready-composed dinners.
For the sociable traveler, there is the option of a nice hostel. This can be a good choice for the economically oriented travelers – rent a bed and share bathroom, living room and perhaps a kitchen with potentially good friends in the making? All the hostels presented here come from SVIF – the Swedish Youth Hostels in Cooperation, although each hostel is run according to their own principles.
Horrmundsgården SVIF Hostel in Sälen

Horrmundsgården SVIF Hostel in Sälen

The hostel offers 12 rooms, 45 beds. The kitchen, bathrooms and showers are for sharing. The house is ideal for gruops. We have a sauna and if you feel like it we will heat the outside hot tub for you. Dark winterevenings, or mild summernights when the sun never goes down are very cosy and relaxing to spend outside by the open fire in the windsheild where we can put on a cup of coffee for you. Let us know and we will make you breakfast. Waffles are always included and are very appreciated. We are close to the ski slopes in the Sälen mountains and to the slopes in Trysil, Norway. It´s only a 50 minutes drive! The snowmobile trail is just outside the house. If you enjoy go fishing you have plenty of possibilities to either fish in the rivers or in one of all the small lakes. Hiking for a day or staying over night is a ”must do” over the summer. We will help you with maps, dropping off and picking up. We can even come with you and give you the guided tour in the mountains. We also give fly fishing classes. We are in the hostel at all times to help you with anything you need, maps, fishing license, suggestions and tips on what to see and do. We have two canoes for rental. Either we take you upstream and drop you off and pick you up later on, or why not just go for a tour in the nearby lake Horrmundsjön where there also is a swimming place. We never place people from different families in the same bedrooms. The kids have their own playroom and in the summers a playarea outside. We have a launge with Television and wireless internet. Summertime we have a café with homebaked swedish ”fika”. Welcome to ours!!

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