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Welcome to Östhammar - The little wooden waterfront town that dates back to 1368. Enjoy it's welcoming charm, lush gardens and shopping opportunities! During the 19th century, Östhammar blossomed as a seaside resort. Today, its well-preserved wooden buildings, cosy centre and lush green gardens form the hub of Östhammar municipality. Be sure to take a guided tour through the picturesque districts, where your guide will relate the town's colourful history. Restaurants and small shops frame Rådhustorget, the town's cobblestone square. Down by the harbour and along the shore you can buy handcrafted items and enjoy excellent food.
Welcome to idyllic Öregrund - a seaside town. Öregrund is one of Sweden's best preserved wooden towns. It is also the only town on the east coast where you can see the sun set in the sea! Öregrund is a picturesque summer town with a thriving entertainment scene. Many restaurants, cafés, exhibitions, and small antique and craft shops surround the harbour.
The name Roslagen comes from the Word "rodzlag" which in coastal Uppland is an old word for rowing crew of warrior oarsmen. The northern part of the region Roslagen, offers a rich cultural life with art, museums, concerts and other events all year round. If you prefer outdoor activities there are plenty to choose from; hiking, kayaking, boat trips, horse riding, cycling...
Östhammar and Öregrund have a nice mix of taverns, restaurants, cafés and bars. Especially Öregrund is known for its wide selection of restaurants, bars and vivid nightlife in summer. The manors in Österbybruk and Gimo offers fine dining.
In Östhammar - Roslagen there is accommodation for every taste and budget. The regions offers everything from lighthouses in the outer archipelago to mansions and castles with ghosts! Here are restful Inns, friendly hostels and cosy cabins.
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