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Take the train from Östra station in Stockholm and you will come to Åkersberga center. It is the seat of the municipality of Österåker, three mil northeast of Stockholm. This attracts a beautiful living environment, recreation, nature and archipelago. A modern indoor center offers shopping, cafes, restaurants and libraries. Arts and crafts can be found for example in Hembygdsparken Ekbacken and at Länsmansgården. Lovely country walks are hinting at Domarudden. Play golf at one of the beautiful golf courses in Åkersberga or Ljusterö. In Österåker you can do outdoor activities like hiking, sailing, paddling and riding. Åkersberga is divided by Akers canal that once was the Viking waters between the Baltic and Uppsala. Långhundraleden is currently a popular trail for boating and paddling, and the former lock from 1825 is currently also in use. Österåkers church dating from the 1200s was for centuries the center of the old urban area . At the turn of the century Roslagsbanan was build to Åkersberga and extended to Österskär the sea, where summer homes were built with gingerbread. In the 50's Åkersberga developed in a short time from a station village into a modern and popular residence. At the end station at Roslagsbanan Österskär, there is a board walk with carpenter, colour villas along Trälhavet. At the pier is M / S Rödlöga that takes you out into the Roslagen archipelago . Welcome to Österåkers tourist office in Åkersberga , 0767-650 660th
Beautiful islands, historical buildings, plenty of outdoor activities, art and music. Österåker in South Roslagen awaits you!
Fine dining or cozy family restaurant? Welcome to find your own favorite restaurant or bar in Österåker!
Enjoy your coffee break while you rest your eye on a wonderful archipelago views or resting in the lush greenery of summer flowers.
In Österåker you can find charming restaurants & bars right by the sea!
In Österåker you can find what you need! Åkersberga Centrum includes 60 shops, restaurants & cafes. Customers are here offered a wide range of shopping and there are about 900 parking spaces. And just outside the center you can find smaller shops were you can buy for example handmade chocolate or art craft.
Hotel, hostel, B&B or a cabin? Österåker offers a varied selection of accomodation.
Lillstugorna, Ingmarsö

Lillstugorna, Ingmarsö

Superb archipelago location! Two smaller cabins connected by a deck that gives nice Bullerby feeling. Beach plot on the island where you get easy by regular boat from Stockholm. Jetty ladder, bathing cliffs, pebble beach. Wonderful view, boat traffic outside, garden with grass and rocks, rowboat. Many wonderful activities available to indulge in. On Ingmarsö's shop and restaurant. A vibrant island. Land and buildings Large beautiful garden with both rocks and grass, swimming spots, pebble beach. Shared plot whose house is about 15 m away. Space for outdoor activities. Two smaller cabins. A cottage with a room with beds. A larger room with double rooms, toilet, kitchen. Both cottages are joined to the wooden deck which also has patio. Grilling at the lake in the specified location. Bedrooms, beds and its distribution The large room has a double bed, 160 cm. There is also underfloor heating. The second cabin has two single beds that are extra high, suitable for the elderly. A moveable bed available. Kitchen and water The kitchen in the larger cabin is equipped with 2 hotplates, microwave, fridge and freezer, coffee maker, toaster and kettle. Hot and cold brackish water in this cottage from shared wells. Drinking water is available 5 minutes away. If the host is out drinking water can be collected in their house. You need to think about not wasting water in the tap. Bathroom Toilet in the large cabin with toilet and sink. Outside shower with hot and cold water. Boat and Dock Two piers. There is a bathing ladder. Small rowboat appropriated. Please bring your own life jackets. Other In this lovely place are many different things to occupy yourselves with. Sunbathing, swimming, fishing from the pier and through the boat, walking on the charming island, swim even at the sandy beach Fladen about 200 m away and not least experience the tranquility and silence. There is horseback riding on Icelandic horses, as well as kayaks and bicycles for rent. On Brottö that are related to Ingmarsö is a cultural reserve with small-scale farming with Highland cattle all in a beautiful island landscape. There is also a nature reserve on the other end of the island, Kålgårdsön. Waxholm boat takes you easily to other islands in the beautiful archipelago for day trips or a shopping trip to Vaxholm and Stockholm. You come here by boat from Stockholm, Strömkajen. The trip takes about 3 hours. Northern Ingmarsö bridge is located 1 km from the cottage. Local transport of baggage recommended host informs about this. One can also go by car to Åsättra port on Ljusterö, about 1 hour from Stockholm, or bus from Danderyd. In Åsättra the hosts parking space can be rented for 400 SEK and then takes the ferryboat to Ingmarsö. Ingmarsö is a vibrant island year around. The grocery store is 2 km walk away, there are postal, loqour and pharmacy representatives. There is also a restaurant at the southern steamboat dock. The house is located near the northern steamboat dock. Mobile coverage is good. Animal prohibition in the cottage. The owner, however, has a dog who lived in the house. A bike can be borrowed at the cottage. The cottages are rented weekly Saturday to change. Sheets and towels can be booked for 200 SEK per person. Mandatory option of cleaning 1600 SEK. Parking space Åsättra can be booked for 400 SEK.

Public Transport

Public Transport

Åkersberga is part of Greater Stockholm where Stockholm Public Transport, SL, is responsible for buses, underground trains, commuter trains, trams and many of the boat lines in the region. The region is divided into three zones, and zone tickets are valid for several trips within the hour. Tickets can be purchased at Pressbyrån nere the bus and trainstations in Åkersberga as well as certain kiosks or via SMS. Please note that it's not possible to buy tickets on board on the buses and train (Roslagsbanan) in Åkersberga/Stockholm. You can buy prepaid travel cards or 1, 3, or 7-day cards, which allow free travel in all zones during the validity period. Visit the website of SL or Arriva for more information and timetables. TRAIN Roslagsbanan route between Österskär station to Technology Institute(Stockholm). From Mörby, Danderyd Hospital and the Institute of Technology, one can switch to the subway. BOAT Public transport by boat is run by SL/Waxholmsbolaget and Blidösundsbolaget BUS Bus services in Österåker has major hubs at both Åkersberga station, but also the Central Road and major interchanges at Roslagskulla and Kulla crossroads. At rush hour, the traffic to Mörby, Danderyd Hospital and Humlegarden(Stockholm) dense, with buses approximately every ten minutes. Stockholm - Åkersberga SL Bus 628C,628(from Danderyd), 624.626 AIRPORTS Åkersberga town is located about 45 kilometers from Stockholm Arlanda Airport and 35 kilometers from Bromma. Arlanda is the biggest international airport. Arlanda Airport, Bromma Airport, You can get to and from Stockholm Arlanda Airport via Stockholm with Arlanda Express Train or bus (Flygbussarna) and then change to the busses or Roslagsbanan towards Åkersberga. Arlanda Express and Flygbussarna depart from Stockholm Central Station. Phone: +46 8 600 10 00 Web:,

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