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Brief facts about Öland Öland – Sweden’s smallest province – has lots to offer. Every square kilometre has something to offer the visitor. All you have to do is make your way over the Öland Bridge (6,072 m) and start making discoveries. There is: • approx. 500 km coastline • around 350 Öland windmills • 34 parishes with their own church (some even have 2) • about 20 ancient forts • countless rune stones and other ancient monuments • 32 different species of orchid • over 70 nature reserves • 1 world heritage site • over 50 bathing places ...and much, much more. You are welcome to find your own favourite spot. Öland’s length: 137 km Province flower: Öland rock rose Öland’s widest point: 16 km Province animal: Nightingale Land area: 1,344 sq. km Province fish: Flounder Highest point: 57.4 m above sea level Province insect: Pink-winged grasshopper Number of inhabitants: approx. 24,600 Province rock: Orthoceratite limestone Municipalities: Borgholm and Mörbylånga Province fungus: St. George’s mushroom Province dish: Kroppkakor (potato and pork dumplings), lufsa (potato pancakes)
10 points of interest on Öland
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Beaches where children can play, and where you can take a refreshing dip. Art and handicraft for all tastes. Swedish and Scandinavian history. Entertainment ranging from zoo to night clubs.
Lådbilslandet (Cartie Country)

Lådbilslandet (Cartie Country)

Lådbilslandet (Cartie Country) is aimed at children between 2 and 10 years old. Located near Löttorp on the north of the island, Lådbilslandet is one of Öland's biggest tourist attractions. Children can drive their own "soap box cars" in a miniature town centered around a church, on roads that wind across the landscape. The cars have real engines and drive on tarmac roads, complete with bridges, roundabouts and crossings. You can even get the Cartie Country driving licence! Choose if you want to drive a regular car, bus, police car, truck or articulated lorry. Why not try them all? For those who like Formula 1 racing, there are two separate courses – one for small and one for bigger children. There is also a motocross track, where you can compete with your friends on our three-wheel motorcycles. If you like a more relaxed pace, you should try the Farming Country. Here you can drive miniature tractors with different types of farm machines. There is plenty of space, so if you are visiting Cartie Country for the first time and want to try out steering and stepping on the gas before you enter the traffic, we recommend you start your cartie experience here. If you still feel energetic or want to try some other fun in between, there is a small fun-fair with roundabouts, a bouncy castle and a playground. New this year is an obstacle course, which can be a challenge even for the fittest. After the hardships of the obstacle course, why not take a short rest? Rides on the miniature train or a rafting trip across the pond with friends are popular pleasures. Nor do you skip an icecream on a lovely summer's day like this! Five rides in different vehicles, tractors or on the motocross track are included in the entrance fee. Each ride takes about 8-10 minutes, depending on whether it is in Cartie Country, Farming Country or on the motocross track. According to the families who experienced Cartie Country, a visit may take between 3-5 hours. Additional rides may be purchased separately. Included is unlimited access to the playground, bouncy castle, roundabouts, miniature train, rafts and adventure course.

Paradisverkstaden Ceramic Workshop

Paradisverkstaden Ceramic Workshop

Paradisverkstaden is a family business that designs and produces ceramics in its workshop and studio on Öland. It all started at Capellagården, Carl Malmsten’s school in Vickleby on Öland. Olof trained as a potter and Eva as a textile artist. After further training and practice in France and Denmark, they started Paradisverkstaden in 1975. From the outset, the design language was unique with its folds, spheres and inward ridges. The origin lied in Olof’s shapes and Eva’s decorations. At an early stage, they also began to take on apprentices interested in further education after various art schools. In the 1980s, they developed the popular series “Blue and Pink Floral” and “Slottskrukan” (Castle Pot). They were named Purveyor to the Court in 1986. Olof turned bird baths, candelabras, and multi-level étagères which Eva decorated in relief. As demand increased, part of the raw goods production was outsourced to potters on Gotland. Production was later moved to a small workshop near Gdansk in Poland, due to a shortage of professional turners over here and good craftsmanship over there. In the 1990s, the colour scale exploded in Eva’s collection “Daring Dots and Stripes”. Olof developed new double-throw techniques, producing forms that Eva painted in gold and platinum. They exhibited at the NK department store and interior design company Svenskt Tenn, and started to participate in exhibitions in Stockholm and Frankfurt. Using fyle clay, they developed the Nature series and the Beach series in white and platinum, as well as a new decorative technique with the Spira (sceptre) dinnerware series. In collaboration with Millesgården, they made their first cast collection called “Seed Pod”, which is still growing and has now become a classic. While Eva continued to produce unique plates and urns with hand-carved reliefs, Hannah Paradis released her first collection of vases and pots in lush shapes and checkered decorations. Moa Paradis developed the Line collection, containing garden products such as hanging bird baths, funnel-shaped pots and the beautiful small candlestick holder “Linje”, which is one of Paradisverkstaden’s best-selling products. In the all-new dinner service “Krasse/Fantasi” (Cress/Fantasy), Eva’s paintwork merges with Hannah’s shapes and Moa’s lines. Both daughters work with design and are responsible for market exposure and production, while Olof designed all the new Paradisverkstaden buildings. The new workshop was inaugurated in 2014. Here you can see the various production stages in pr

Kroppkakan, Öland’s National Dish of Potato and Pork Dumplings The provincial dish that doesn’t beat about the bush. No salad or side dishes are required here. “A filled bun made from a potato-based dough with baked pork and onions inside.”Eat and enjoy! The provincial dish that doesn’t beat about the bush. No salad or side dishes are required.
There are a lot of cafés to choose from on the island.
Golfers enjoy a great variety of courses on Öland – everything from leafy park courses to challenging links courses. Simply a wide range of golf courses, with something for all tastes.
Summer, sun, shows and shopping, these are Öland’s four aces.The fact is that the best shopping in the entire region is available on the island, which has a glorious mix of shopping centres and small, original shops and design studios. The two largest collections of brand shops and multiples are in Öland’s Köpstad in Färjestaden and in the central parts of Borgholm.However, department stores and shops with summertime opening are just about everywhere, often with a product range adapted to the time of the year. You can fit yourself out here with genuine – or sometimes fake – brand label clothes and shoes, everything on the cheap. Don’t forget to drop in on our potters and other craftspersons. They are good, that’s a fact!There are also plenty of flea markets throughout the province. Neither should you miss Öland’s only glassworks. It is located on route 136 in Kastlösa. And while you’re on the way there it’s worth stopping at Britts Manufaktur in Degerhamn (Södra Möckleby) and at Naturiosa in Grönhögen. They are both shops with a highly individual style. If you’re lucky you’ll find articles of clothing or odds and ends that you will fall in love with, an original Stetson hat or a rare Öland book for example. Experience genuine markets or the great supply of farm shops with local products. Every day in the market square in Borgholm and on Saturday mornings in Färjestaden and Mörbylånga. That’s quality shopping!
Öland is clearly the leader in Sweden when it comes to camping and cottage holiday. So it has been for many years and it is strongly believed to continue if you look at the positive trend.
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