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Lund is one of Sweden’s oldest cities and was founded by the Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard around the year 990. Here you can find a blend of old and new, tradition and innovation. Lund is a city of contrasts where the old city centre, which dates back about a thousand years, thrives alongside modern buildings. It is said that you can spend your whole life here without seeing all the quiet little corners, all the beautiful buildings and details. Lund is a city in which the university has an enormous presence, a true student city. Of a municipal population of around 110,000 no fewer than 40,000 are students, and it shows. The university was founded in 1666 and is one of the foremost seats of learning and scientific research centers in Scandinavia. Culture plays a prominent role in Lund in many different ways. The citizens of Lund - young and old -are fond of their culture, and they both consume and provide art, theatre and music with great enthusiasm. When you visit Lund you mustn’t forget the surroundings. Here you can enjoy wonderful nature areas as well as castles and local farm shops.
Lund offers a lot of different museums and sights. Take a walk in the Botanical Garden or in the old town of Lund. Welcome to experience and explore Lund!
Concerts, theatres, sport events and festivals. In Lund there are many events for all tastes. Here you can find a small selection of events in 2016. Visit for more events.
In Lund you can enjoy genuine local food and international cuisine. Stroll along the city’s new food boulevard – Klostergatan, where you can choose from trendy pastries, and delicacies such as exquisite fish dishes and deliciously smelling cheeses. Next to Mårtenstorget is Saluhallen, the centrepiece for food lovers for over a century. Welcome to a food-savvy city!
Lund is today Sweden’s 11th biggest city. Coming to Lund is easy, either by train, bus, plane or car. Lund has also a well developed public transport network making it easy to get around.
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