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Experience Linköping! Don’t miss the idyllic Old Linköping, with its artisan shops, museums and the children’s favorite: the hands-on science museum, Fenomenmagasinet. The air force museum, Flygvapenmuseet, features a salvaged DC3 that was shot down over the Baltic in 1952 during the Cold War. And don’t miss the canal locks in the picturesque Berg, where the Göta Canal flows into Lake Roxen. If you’re an aficionado of art and museums, don’t miss the Swedish computer museum, IT-Ceum, the Passagen art gallery and the county museum, Östergötlands museum. In the downtown area you find perfect shopping with elegant art galleries, design shops and a mix of popular chains and cozy cafés. Experience the city of many possibilities. The garden society, Trädgårdsföreningen, and the peaceful walking paths along the Stångån River/Kinda Canal are the green oases of the city. But Linköping is also surrounded by beautiful country, like the fantastic Oak Woodland—Northern Europe’s biggest continuous stretch of oak forest, just a few kilometers from downtown Linköping. This is also the municipality in Sweden with the most canal locks. Boating, walking or bicycling along the Göta Canal and Kinda Canal is an experience you won’t soon forget.
Linköping is Sweden’s fifth largest city and growing, both geographically and in population. It is home to 153 000 people. We have a wealth of leisure activities and experiences for all ages. With a rich offering of art, theater, history, concerts, markets, festivals and sporting events, Linköping is the place to be.
Sample a top-notch blend of culture. Sights like the medieval Cathedral and the open-air museum of Old Linköping rub elbows with exciting modern history at the Air Force Museum and computer-oriented technological history at the IT-ceum. The city’s stages feature rock, pop, classical, jazz, blues and most everything in between. If you feel the rhythm when you hear swinging beats, you can dance till you drop at trendy clubs in the heart of town. Or maybe you’d prefer to have a seat at a pub and just feel the night pulse of the city? Galleries and exhibit centers open their doors to all aficionados of art, while the fine old Östgötateatern is home to well-known musicals and plays. You can watch anything from epics to arthouse films at Linköping’s movie theaters. Visit Filmstaden for the big blockbuster movies and Cinemax for the smaller niche films and classics. Are you happiest in a sea of people rocking to the beat, or in an elegant concert hall enveloped in classical tones? Are you inspired by dance, shows, film, art, theater or musicals? No matter what your taste is, you’ll find something in Linköping! You can’t beat the excitement of a premier-league ice hockey game in the Cloetta Center. Or maybe a late summer evening on the soccer stands watching a premier division league game is more your style? Linköping has a proud sporting tradition and welcomes new fans in the bleachers!
Linköping offers a wide range of delicious cuisine with influences from every corner of the world. But we’re particularly proud of our own Östergötland cuisine. Our location on the rich green Östergötland Plain is not only picturesque, it also gives us access to the best possible fresh-grown ingredients. All around Linköping are wide-open plains and deep, dark woods, with a wealth of lakes and waterways. Thanks to all this richness, food producers and restaurants can offer all the best that nature provides. Favorite old recipes are mixed with modern innovations and local delicacies to create exciting culinary experiences. Locally produced foods are joy to the senses. You can buy your own at a farm shop or enjoy a truly fresh meal at a restaurant. Several of Linköping’s restaurants are featured in the White Guide, a comprehensive annual list of the best restaurants in Sweden. Specifically, the White Guide recognizes Restaurang MODMED, De Klomp, Storan, Johannes Kök and Stångs magasin. And while you’re in Linköping, don’t miss the provincial dish of Östergötland – potato pancakes with pork!
Chill out at a café. Enjoy some of the Swedish classics – cinnamon buns, “princess tortes” and cookies of all kinds – at the traditional cafés around Linköping. If you’re looking for something new and trendy, there are plenty of espresso bars in central Linköping, and many of their menus offer international taste sensations.
The nightlife is concentrated to Stora Torget Square and Ågatan Street, a row of restaurants, bars and nightclubs like a string of pearls. But there are a few places along the Stångån River as well. In the summer, the city is crammed with outdoor restaurants and cafés. On balmy evenings it’s hard to find a table, because everyone wants to be there to get together with friends and drink in the atmosphere. Thanks to the 27 000 university students in Linköping, there are also plenty of active pubs and other places especially for students.
When it comes to shopping, the best thing about Linköping is that is has not one but two places where you can shop ’til you drop. You can either go to Tornby, the biggest shopping center in Östergötland County, or head downtown. Forget about tired legs, sore feet and long distances - in Linköping everything is close by.
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