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From castle to hut. Visit Sweden’s only Tudor castle, absorb the history in Äskhult village or stroll among prehistoric menhirs in Fjärås.
Kungsbacka, a city known for its beautiful surroundings, culture and commerce. As early as the 13th century, Kungsbacka was a strategically located trading centre. Today, Kungsbacka is one of western Sweden’s largest commercial centres and one of the country’s fastest growing municipalities. The centuries’ long border wars between Denmark and Sweden have played a significant role in the dramatic history of this part of Sweden. During the Middle Ages, Kungsbacka – situated between two rivers – was surrounded by a deep moat that protected it from attacks. In 1645, after many years of war, this region called Halland became part of Sweden. Kungsbacka was ravaged by a terrible fire in1846, leaving only two of its original wooden buildings intact. The city was redesigned and rebuilt in accordance with the aesthetics of the time. Today, the late 19th century, pastelcolored, wooden buildings imbue the town square with an idyllic charm.
There’s lots to discover in Kungsbacka, whether you want a relaxing beach holiday or an activity-packed time. Visit one of Kungsbacka’s 17 nature reserves ranging from heather-covered moors to coastal heaths and translucent beech forests. The coast offers a choice of child-friendly, soft sandy beaches or bare rocks. Are you a golfer? In Kungsbacka the golf season lasts almost all year. There are seven golf clubs and 13 golf courses, from 3 to 20 minutes’ drive from the town centre.
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