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There is a lot to do, see and experience in the sunniest city in Sweden! Karlskrona is also a World Heritage Site that consists of a number of exciting fortresses and other historical places. Discover lovely spots and outings - authentic and genuine experiences. Karlskrona also offers a great variety of guided tours all year round.
Karlskrona’s well preserved town plan, wide baroque streets and parade buildings resulted in UNESCO in 1998 designating it a World Heritage site. Some parts of the town’s naval installations are still in use today, 300 years after the town was established. Its many citadels, fortresses and powder magazines are popular excursion destinations, with or without a guide. Karlskrona is built on several islands, the centre being situated on the island of Trossö – 6 km out in the archipelago! In total the town stands on more than 30 islands several of which can be reached by car. In the summer months the archipelago boats ply the waters between several of the most popular excursion destinations. Take advantage of the free car ferry to Aspö and why not hire a cycle and discover the island. The Naval Museum is very popular with all age groups. Other places to visit in Karlskrona are the Art Gallery, Blekinge museum, Karlskrona Porcelain and car museum.
There is no end of things worth doing and seeing in Karlskona. You can visit many of the places of interest independently, others must be visited with a guide. Stroll the streets and experience the town’s modern day pulse blended with its historical spirit, a fantastic combination of past and present. The flagship of Karlskrona's attractions is The Naval museum - museum of the year 2015.
Guided tour - The Old Shipyard and ropemaking

Guided tour - The Old Shipyard and ropemaking

Come along on lovely guided tour out to Lindholmen, here you get to see some of the first pieces of Karlskrona's old shipyard. The heart of Karlskrona’s world heritage lies in the old shipyard, which has been left untouched since the 18th century. As Karlskrona as a city and naval base progressed most of the business was relocated to the new shipyard on Trossö. But the shipyard on Lindholmen was not forgotten, it has played a major part when it came to rope, reparations and maintenance of ships in Polhemsdockan - Sweden's oldest dry dock, which is still in use. So come out and enjoy alive historical environments with exciting buildings for you to enter. Do not forget to have a look inside the almost infinite rope making building, which is the longest wooden building in Scandinavia. During the tour you are accompanied by a legitimate rope maker from VHFK (Shipyard historic compound in Karlskrona) who has great knowledge about how the shipyard worked back in the days. Info Gathering point - Högvakten, Karlskrona Language - Swedish & English Rope making is included Starting time: Saturdays between the 1/5-30/6 & 25/8-29/9 Between 14:30 - 16:30 Regular prices: Adult - 150 sek Youth between 7 - 19 years old - 70 sek Children 0-6 years old - Free Between the 1/5- 30/6 & 25/8-29/9 there is a special offer to buy a combined ticket for both "Kungsholms Fort" and a ticket for the "World Heritage walk in the Old Shipyard". Prices: Adult - 340 sek Youth between 12 to 19 years old - 130 sek Children 0-6 years, free. (The two tickets needs to be booked at the same time.) Tickets can be purchased at Karlskrona tourist office. Note! There's a limited amount of people that can visit Lindholmen at a time, so it might be good to book in advance. When you book your visit to the old shipyard, every participant will have to give away their full name, person number or pass number and also their nationality. For everyone older than 18 years old, you need to bring along some sort of id on the tour. This is solely a security matter, because the old shipyard is a restricted military area. Pets are not allowed on this tour.

Karlskrona archipelago is liberating and probably one of the most beautiful places there is! The archipelago of Karlskrona, is the southernmost of Sweden’s archipelagos. The whole city is built upon 33 islands. Without the protective ring of large and small islands surrounding the city, King Karl XI, would probably not have chosen Trossö for his new naval base. There are islands, that have from one to 1,500 inhabitants, islands with and without connection to the mainland. Look for your very own favorite spot - and enjoy - because there are plenty of them! Far out in eastern archipelago, there are plenty of exciting islands like, Inlängan, Utlängan, Stenshamn, Ungskär and Hästholmen, which offer a charming setting. The character of the islands here, differs a lot from the green inner archipelago. Far out to the southeast, lies the island Utklippan. Enjoy the unique environment and look for the seal colony, the seals really enjoy their life here. How to get around in the Karlskrona archipelago - several entrepreneurs, offer traffic in the archipelago of Karlskrona all year round.
In Karlskrona something happens 365 days a year. Several popular events occur every year in Karlskrona. You will find an updated event calendar at
Try the local delicacies while you are in Karlskona, which, once upon a time had a higher concentration of taverns than anywhere else in the country. The potato dumplings, called "Kroppkaka" in Swedish, herring sandwiches or a roasted rye bun called "rågskorpa", are examples of local food. Naturally, all kinds of international food are available in a town like Karlskrona as well. In Karlskrona with surroundings you can eat well with the sea as a backdrop. As well as around the big sguare, Stortorget, where many of the town’s restaurants are situated. Here you will find a selection of all restaurants in Karlskrona!
Karlskrona has a wonderful café culture. There are many cosy cafés both in central Karlskrona and around and about. Cafés in charming backyards, in the shopping malls or on quaysides. In the city, on the countryside or in the beautiful archipelago, your choise!
In the centre of Karlskrona – at the heart of the archipelago, you will find three shopping arcades, designer shops, delicatessens, art galleries and market stalls. Many shops are to be found along and around the two pedestrian streets of Ronnebygatan and Borgmästaregatan. Don´t forget to visit the side streets, here you will find several unique shops, with “that little extra”. There are over 200 shops and the assortment is varied, with everything from well-known brands and chains to unique, local shops offering a hand-picked selection of goods. Many restaurants and cafés are clustered around Stortorget and the pedestrian streets, but naturally there are also waterside eateries. Enjoy your meal or a refreshing drink with an ocean backdrop.
There are several fine golf courses in Karlskrona all beautifully set. Three high class courses within 15 km of each other that are normally open for play all year round: seaside, undulating forest and park or a flat open course with sea view.
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