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Help yourself to the wide-ranging output from the Dunkers Kulturhus arts centre, the magnificent rhododendron beds at Sofiero, the fragrant rose garden at Fredriksdal Museum and Gardens and Kärnan, which has come to be city’s most distinctive feature. Everything is within reach here, in a fine mixture of big city and charmingly idyllic small town.
Helsingborg is a city full of beauty. Architectural sights that extend from the early Middle Ages via the functional style to the present day. The city is also full of history – old and modern, Danish and Swedish. Dunkers Kulturhus, Fredriksdal, Kulturmagasinet, Kärnan and Sofiero tell some of the story. Other locations and museums give an account of different occupations and industries – the rubber factory, fishing, the printing works, the stoneware factories etc. This and much besides can be found in the independent museums. Welcome!
We are in fact modest when we call ourselves the Swedish golf destination no 1. There are many golf courses to choose from, to be more exact there are 25 full golf courses and 31 courses within 40 minutes from Helsingborg. And in Skåne it is always close to good food and pleasant accommodation.
North-West Skåne is a culinary goldmine. Despite its comparatively small area, there is a large range of local produce, everything from wine-growers to pasta producers are to be found here. No coincidence then that this part of Skåne is often compared with appetizing regions such as Tuscany in Italy and Provence in France. Browse among growers and farm shops and enjoy unique, unforgettable tastes.
If you are planning to go out and have fun in Helsingborg’s nightlife, this is where you should go! Here is our selection of nightclubs in Helsingborg.
Helsingborg is a traditional old commercial city and is faithful to its history. It offers a range of shopping. Shopping in the city centre offers a blend of large and small shops in a delightful urban environment on Sweden’s oldest pedestrianised street. Väla shopping centre is located on the outskirts of Helsingborg and offers indoor shopping in well known chain stores and large department stores including Ikea, Coop and Biltema in the surrounding area.Helsingborg has a wide range of the most up-to-date fashions. Most of the nationwide chains are represented, but also trendy specialist shops with the hottest brands from the catwalks in Milan and London. Helsingborg has a leading position in terms of fashion and only Stockholm and Göteborg can offer similar opportunities.
For the sociable traveler, there is the option of a nice hostel. This can be a good choice for the economically oriented travelers – rent a bed and share bathroom, living room and perhaps a kitchen with potentially good friends in the making? All the hostels presented here come from SVIF – the Swedish Youth Hostels in Cooperation, although each hostel is run according to their own principles.
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